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I literally started crying tonight at a commUNITY meeting for WATER when I found out that VAUGHN BENJAMIN OF MIDNITE is coming to PERFORM during ELECTION NIGHT to THE HEADWATERS of MOUNT SHASTA. "Why are you having such an emotional reaction?", I asked myself. Then, I quickly knew & simply reminded myself--because R A S T A F A R I.

"New show added to the #Livicated Tour. #MtShasta. Headwaters Park. Balancing the frequencies... raising funds for water defense. .#zionroots#arkitek I Grade DUB ZION ROOTS SOUND V.I." -Akae Beka

HERE in CALI, SEPT. 17-OCT. 1, we're having RUN4SALMON to bring the Salmon back to the McCloud River in the Mount Shasta Area #RUN4SALMON #WATERisLIFE ❤

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HERE in CALI, SEPTEMBER 17th thru OCTOBER 1st, we're having RUN4SALMON to bring the Salmon back to the McCloud River in the Mount Shasta Area, and "to raise awareness about the policies threatening our waters, our fish, and indigenous lifeways." FOR SURE--my awareness about the absence of the Salmon in the McCloud river was raised last week after attending the "Benefit for the Winnemem Wintu Tribe - Evening of Live Music and Short Documentary in Mt Shasta." I learned that the Salmon have been blocked from 'going home' to the McCloud River ever since the Shasta Dam was built in 1945, and I also learned that only because of a fish hatchery in McCloud, California that exported fish eggs in the late 1800's, are there positively identified, living genetic descendants of those Salmon today.

How to Know the Dreamspell Calendar

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What is the Dreamspell? It is a tool to observe cycles called a synchrometer. A Sychrometer is an instrument for measuring synchronicity and a perfect measure of cosmic time which helps us to attune to those energies. It is a system that is an overlay on the traditional Mayan Tzolkin (an ancient system by the Maya of observing cycles within cycles) that was downloaded by Jose Arguelles via meditation, and based on the mathematics of cycles in the Tzolkin, also called the Mayan Longcount. Through observing the Dreamspell each day and thinking about it helps us move toward the larger galactic cycles into timelessness.

Wikipedia explains the purposes of the Dreamspell as such:

1. To synchronize human beings with our "galactic roots" by tuning us in to the spiritual energy from Hunab Ku, a being Argüelles asserts is the governing deity of the Milky Way Galaxy. (AKA Great Central Sun, the center of our Galaxy.)
2. To convert humanity from thinking that Time is Money to thinking that Time is Art and thus give human beings more scope for their creativity.

Water – Earth’s Malleable Natural Computer

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The secrets of this amazing element beautifully laid out. We’ve since learned water is all over space and manufactured in stars and likely present on all planetary bodies, so that in fact we likely receive more water all the time, but the information here is certainly worth “wondering” about. – Zen

Billboard in Peru Produces Water out of Thin Air

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The world has known jugs, taps, plants etc that are used to filter water, but imagine a 50 feet tall billboard on the main road that filters water for all of its adjacent area ? Yes, this has been made possible by the University of Engineering and Technology, Lima, Peru.

This billboard is capable of actually making 100 liters (26 gallons) of water everyday out of thin air (no its not a bank and no its not creating any paper currency but it’s much better than that). It works like this: the billboard is designed the way that it captures moisture from the air and puts it through a reverse osmosis system, turning it into drinking water which is then stored in 20 liter tanks. It is capable of providing drinking water for hundreds of families per month.

Read more at http://isupportorganic.blogspot.com/2013/10/billboard-in-peru-produces-water-out-of.html#wKxAf1KIKGfFztl3.99

Climate Change Affects the Carribean

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Weather.com - 9/6/13, Dianca Coto


SAN JUAN, Puerto Rico -- Experts are sounding a new alarm about the effects of climate change for parts of the Caribbean - the depletion of already strained drinking water throughout much of the region

In August 2012, some islands reported extremely dry weather, including Grenada and Anguilla. By July of this year, those conditions had spread to Trinidad, Antigua, St. Vincent and Barbados, the Caribbean Institute for Meteorology & Hydrology says.

"We're seeing changes in weather patterns," said Avril Alexander, Caribbean coordinator for the nonprofit Global Water Partnership. "... When you look at the projected impact of climate change, a lot of the impact is going to be felt through water."

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Cassini Sees Saturn Storm's Explosive Power

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Nasa,gov - 9/3/13

Two Looks at the Turbulent Saturn Storm

A monster storm that erupted on Saturn in late 2010 - as large as any storm ever observed on the ringed planet -- has already impressed researchers with its intensity and long-lived turbulence. A new paper in the journal Icarus reveals another facet of the storm's explosive power: its ability to churn up water ice from great depths. This finding, derived from near-infrared measurements by NASA's Cassini spacecraft, is the first detection at Saturn of water ice. The water originates from deep in Saturn's atmosphere.

"The new finding from Cassini shows that Saturn can dredge up material from more than 100 miles [160 kilometers]," said Kevin Baines, a co-author of the paper who works at the University of Wisconsin-Madison and NASA's Jet Propulsion Laboratory, Pasadena, Calif. "It demonstrates in a very real sense that typically demure-looking Saturn can be just as explosive or even more so than typically stormy Jupiter." Water ice, which originates from deep in the atmosphere of gas giants, doesn't appear to be lofted as high at Jupiter.

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Innovative Water Purification Sytem in Peru

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In Peru, there is a billboard that generates purified drinking water using simple yet innovative methods. Watch this short video of how this process has affected the lives of many.


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