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Published on Jun 4, 2019


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UFOs have always fascinated the public and sightings and reports are frequent. The Advanced Aerospace Threat Identification Program (AATIP) is the Pentagon's mysterious UFO program that was previously run by Luis Elizondo. Three videos of encounters were released to the public in 2017. Elizondo left his position after expressing concerns of national security and potential vulnerability. He now exposes a series of encounters and journeys on new investigations that urge the public to ask questions.



The latest on recovered U.F.O./ UAP parts & Unidentified History

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The latest on recovered U.F.O./ UAP parts & Unidentified History Channel Series from Luis Elizondo

I like to keep you guys informed on the latest regarding recovered UFO parts and other strange unknown objects. NASA employees have complained just as the NAVY MILITARY PILOTS have. They argue that during the shuttle take offs they-mission control center and other NASA officials became aware of certain objects hovering high above as if they were watching.


disc-shaped craft, with USAF insignias affixed to it............

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Eglin Air Force Base, Florida, March 01st, 1978, @ 10:00 a.m. (Eastern)—An adult male describes witnessing a disc-shaped craft, with USAF insignias affixed to it, sitting in and Air Force hangar during a conducted tour of the base by a group of young AFROTC cadets. We post below the complete text of the gentleman’s written report, which does not yet appear in our database of cases.