How Can All This Be True in the Same Lifetime?

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God said:

Beloved, Beloved, what boondoggles you in life? Of course, I beseech you to look forward to joy, or, at least, to let life enjoy you!

Life does not have to be so sobering as it is made out to be. In terms of relative life, life is looked upon as quick and done. Because it is relative life, sometimes it seems to be too short or too long depending. This is the thing with day to day life – upon how you happen to feel about it at a given moment, everything depends.

Life seems to be effervescent and, therefore, ever-changing. You don’t want boredom, yet, you want something in life you can depend on, like money and life itself. All you seem to have is speculation. In seeming reality, you don’t know what is going to happen in the next moment. Anyway, life is here today and gone tomorrow.

You do well that Infinity is your foundation and Eternity seems more like your ballpark.

Of course, when you were a child, you craved to grow older. Once you become a so-called adult, you might not want so much to keep on growing older. Your mind may contemplate aches and pains, and friends wander off. You don't adore the idea of those dear to you running off somewhere and leaving you up in the air.

Nor do you adore the idea of leaving everything well enough alone either. You may be betwixt and between.

The story of life goes on. You have heard Me say there is no beginning, and there is no ending.

You really don’t want to be an old person who sits around with old friends pondering whatever happened to so and so when it is inevitable that sooner or later everyone takes off for the wild blue yonder.

Of course, you have made up your mind that you will have to do without everyone you have so genially relied on, or they will have to do without you.

This can't be the most there is that life offers. Nor do you want to be one of the early ones who ducks out before everybody else. You don’t want to be early or late. You are not at all sure how long you can last, nor can you be sure you really want to stay or really leave either way.

Somehow you have been set up expecting greater promise from life. It may feel like a let-down to get to the last chapter.

You have rather wondered what can the sum of life be about. You have pondered what all your past lives that may have lead to what and where you are all about. When all is said and done, you begin to believe that, by some miracle, there are happy endings.

You wonder how it is possible to have had all the joy you have had along with all the fear and trembling in the same lifetime as though this can properly be allowed. Can life be one way and another, and it's okay?

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