How to help US=ALL=YOU spread Love - Special Message from GFP Team

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How to help US=ALL spread Love - by GFP Team
Special Message to all of Our Press members. We are currently 400$ behind in our Monthly Costs and we have arrived at the End of this Month. We ask everyone who can to share.
A Simple 5$, which is less then you would spend simply by going to your local gas station helps us to keep the Press going.
If everyone share's we can make our goal and keep the Press up and running through these exiting events.
We only ask those that can share to share, as we're All in this as One, and our Family is Humanity and it's Freedom.
Our Team works 24/7 to help Humanity digging out the Truth from the old system it was trapped in.
This is a Multidimensional Mission.
If you're feeling our mission is your Mission, help us going and help us make our goal. 
This also means coming together as One.
We do not ask those that cannot to give us what they don't have or cannot afford, but those who can, this could be a good place where to start experiencing what sharing in Love also means. For it means coming together.
We see 20'000 readers a day on our Press.
If only a few of them would share 5$
our Press would be completely covered.
All Events we have promised are inevitable, thank you for sharing with those who are in continued Service to reach our Outcome. Which is True abundance and Equality for all.
As soon as events completely unfold, this issue will be over and forgotten by all of Humanity once and for all. 
Just a little more patience needed...
Thank You for making your Investment in Humanity's Future~
Thank You All
Your Earth Allies and all the Galactic Free Press~



Donating to GFP - lets all help!

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I am forever grateful FMG for your kindness, love, and devotion to all of us.  Your love for us shines through ALWAYS.  I appreciate all of the posts, comments, and total LOVE that shines through on this site.  I am barely making it but somehow Creator God ALWAYS has my back.  God has our back.  Money doesnt mean anything - this is a LOVE SHARE.  Sending LOVE sends more LOVE right back to you!


I dont know how FatherMotherGod survive on $2500 a month to run this site and sustain their earthly needs but they have done it for years!


I am asking all of you to please send in something.  We all are more connected to Creator Source because of GFP.  If GFP gets 20,000 visitors A DAY -wow imagine if each visitor gave $5!!!   I wanted to share the numbers with you:


If 500 of us gave $5 - they would meet their goal. (this is only 2.5% of the viewers!)


If 100 of us - a mere 100!  gave $20 and 100 gave $5 - that's $2500 to help keep us informed and ready for our ascension.


The power of community love and light is astounding.  I LOVE You FatherMotherGod!


Thanks for listening :-)


Love and light,


You can be part of this!!

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When you're going about your day today, treat yourself to a cup of your favorite beverage!

Then can you also treat others? I would love it if you could click the "Donate" button and share $5 with the Galactic Free Press.


We have some big things planned, marvelous ways to reach even more people! 


With mainstream media no longer satisfying its viewers, we are quickly becoming a trusted source of what is REALLY going on! No fear, no "false flags", no commercial interruptions, just pure truth and love!


All my Love, Boo 


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Your LOVE is like the Sweetest Shower in Heaven Boo!

I didn't know you could get

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I didn't know you could get free starbucks on your birthday. WANTBut not with 16 shots, I would die.

Thank You All for sharing

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When we first started this Mission together for Humanity 5 years ago, we lived off 50$ a month sometimes and lived without water, electricity and even experienced going to bed hungry. We are not really sure how we made it, but we did. We were not going to give up~Now, we are able to actually live in a house we have food and be connected 24 hours a day with Humanity to accomplsih our task. Thank You for honoring Our Continued Love and Dedication for Humanity and this Very Divine Mission.  We Love You So Very Much~Love Mother and Father God

Welcome Home into,The Kingdom of Heaven on Earth=Heart, We Love you Unconditionally!!

thank you for giving however you can!

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Thank you sincerely to each of you who is reaching in your pockets and contributing a buck, or two .. or what you can. We are working around the clock 24/7 ... traveling around the world on our own dime to spread love and light. If you want to give, and have a vision, you are so welcome to find it here. We are all together ONE and free for F R E E D O M,  T R U T H  and L I G H T ! We together are the ones we have been waiting for. Thank you for your grace and love. Sincerely, Dawn Christine.