How to tame your dragon!

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Dear Readers,

Earlier today I was having a conversation with Michael and he asked me what I want right now, and basically I told him what I'm going to tell you....

I have a passion, a yearning, to help people. I want them to know, and feel the love and the peace in their lives that I feel. I want to help them dissolve their fears, to put them into perspective and to see that fear has no power over them. I want them to know that they are so much more powerful than they think and that fear is really a minuscule part of themselves which is caught up in the long shadows of doubt and uncertainty. I want to show them the true Light of their Soul, and help them feel divine love that is a million times stronger than human love. I want to introduce them to their Soul Family and prove to them that they are not alone! I want to guide them out of their anxieties and fears and into the corridors of freedom!

I want to tell them to watch “How to train your dragon”, a kid’s animation movie that teaches self-empowerment and how what we perceive sometimes to be our biggest fear and greatest enemy is really nothing to be feared at all!

All of the above does not mean that I don’t from time to time also experience fear. It is inevitable along this journey to encounter our ‘fearful dragon’ from time to time. But with the help of our higher consciousness, and our imagination, we can put fear into perspective, and see the infinity of our true power, against which fear completely fades away into nothingness. You see fear is nothing but illusion. It is a construct of our small human mind, made in an attempt to protect us from that which our minds think will cause us suffering. This was a great idea back in the days of the Neanderthals when we were facing real dangers, and fear played its part to help us get into our sense of fight or flight.

The truth is, there is nothing to fear! Except fear itself, which you will see is nothing but a void. It is love hiding from itself, avoiding its true nature, pretending to be something it is not! When you’ve guessed its game you can turn around, face it and say, “Okay, I get it! You’re nothing but an illusion! Game over!”

However, the void that fear gifts us is an opportunity to grow into something which we were previously not! It grows hairs on our chest and shows us how far we can push our boundaries and survive the magnanimous changes taking place daily within our lives.

Once you’re onto its game, you can ask yourself what is it that this fear is offering me, and once you’ve cottoned on to the wisdom fear holds for you, you can let it go and move on.

It really helps to put fear into perspective, as I mentioned above. In the light of who you truly are, fear becomes obsolete, but if you choose to stay in the illusion of fear itself, it can become pretty hairy and scary out there! Use your imagination to put fear into perspective, and when you do so, call in the power of your I AM. Your I AM Presence will help you do this with the greatest of pleasure!

The Truth is we really are invincible beings of immense proportion and power, and our fears are really small little dragons just looking for love.

Take time to contemplate the true nature of your being and what it means to BE invincible and as you do so you will notice that the fear you thought had power over you has become microscopic, and you, well….. you’ve become the Universe!


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