How To Transform & Heal Ourselves This Halloween

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by Lance Schuttler , The Mind Unleashed

As we celebrate Halloween on October 31st, let us ask ourselves, “How can we tap into our divinity and empowerment on this dynamic day?”

Before being reminded of the essence of Halloween, let’s ask ourselves some potent questions:

Have we given away our power in any way, shape or form this year?  If yes, how did it come about?  Why did we choose to allow it?  Where can we take responsibility? How can we learn better discernment moving forward?  What is the lesson here for us to learn?  Access the inner-knowing coming forth.

As many of us know, this Celtic festival, known as Samhain, originated in what is now Great Britain.  It marks the end of the harvesting season, and the beginning of a new year.  A change in Mother Earth’s cycle of long days of light transform to become shorter and darker days.  This creates space for the season where we honor the rest and death cycle.

According to Celtic tradition, in the night of the 31st, the veil between the world of the living and dead is the thinnest, and those who have passed over, walk the Earth with us.  We are given an opportunity to connect deeply through divine access to those who have left.  We always have this ability to communicate, but this night truly allows us to tap into a clear energy primed and ready to connect.

How can we tap into our personal power, and find a sacred place to continue to heal this Halloween?

Life offers us an abundance of opportunities to heal, grow and learn.  Let’s start by asking our ancestors for assistance in any way we need to grow.  We can ask them to communicate with us by revealing to us the patterns of our ancestral line that have not empowered us.  We may ask to be the one to heal any non-beneficial patterns for our whole lineage.  As our family heals, we know we are leading the way for other families to heal, and thus for a healing of humanity.

Creating an alter with pictures of ancestors, candles, incense, flowers and other items that touch our heart and connect us with those we wish to communicate with is something we can all easily do.  We could include written affirmations for the coming year or questions we wish to ask of those who have passed over or questions we wish to ask the Universe.

What else could we put on that alter?  A feather, a ring, a watch or anything that is or was of great significance to our souls or those we are longing to connect with are some of the possibilities.  Let’s tap into our intuition, reflect and find the most inspiring alter for our hearts.

What kind of ritual could we add to this special evening?  A lighting of candles while reciting some poetry we wrote or calling upon spirit to guide us into a channeled drawing to share with those we love?  There is no limit to what we might create.

Once we have chosen a ritual, it is important to think about a form of protection to put into place before we begin.  Perhaps we could burn white sage, copal resin (for clearing, cleansing; for smoke to carry prayers to the spirit world), and create a circle or pyramid of protective crystals to sit and pray within.

Let’s reflect once more on the power component of our year until now. Have we allowed ourselves to be played by non-beneficial power games of others?  Let’s tap into our intuition. Why?  How did it feel?  What can we grow and learn from in this situation?  Also, have we played others for our own need to control and wield power?  Let’s tap into our higher consciousness.  Have we needed to manipulate for power in a way harmful to others?  Let’s assess why, and ask for this to be healed by love.

Let’s affirm, we now only play games that bring love and joy to our hearts as well as to the hearts of others.  We now only enter into the games others play, if they are filled with empowering love and joy to all.

Now let’s pause, and reflect upon all the things that increased our feelings of personal power this year.  Where have we grown, and improved our lives for our highest good?  Let’s send some deep love to our hearts, souls and higher selves.  We are miraculous beings, and we are always doing our best.  Let’s remember this throughout the year to come.  No matter what, we are always doing our best in any given moment.  We are loved, and we love ourselves.

Here are some additional ideas for empowering ourselves and others on Halloween:

– Let’s think of a costume that adds to our personal value.  This costume could be something to help bring a desired goal into our lives through visual and expressive manifestation.  We could create the costume with a personal affirmation to go along with it. For example, if you really want to dress up as a witch, then think about how that costume and that name could empower you.  Have you wanted to learn more about herbs?  Do you desire to become self-sufficient in helping yourself and others transcend health challenges?  These are all ways to empower while dressing as a witch as well as ways to help heal society’s old wounds with women in the knowing (and men too).

– Let’s think about what kind of candy we want to hand out to kids.  What is the yummiest and healthiest treat we could offer?  Stop by your health food store, and see what options they have for you at your personal price point.  It feels empowering to know we can contribute to the health of others, and especially children.  Also, if you are enjoying those treats too, then you’ll know you are doing something good for yourself at the same time.

– What kind of positive personal message could you attach to the candy you hand out?  Is there room for an affirmation?  Tap into your creativity, and see just how fun it can be to find positive expressions that kids too will love.

Every time and season offers us the potential to transcend the old while moving into a more empowered self.  Be a light for yourself, and be a light for others this Halloween.

May this be a time for healing and moving forward in our own personal power.

Let’s heal what we are ready to heal.

May we all find peace, joy and happiness this Halloween.

And so it is.

Ulonda Faye is a certified wellness practitioner, holistic esthetician, and Rejuv MiraclesPractitioner. Based in Santa Fe, New Mexico, she offers online and in-person education in holistic skincare, self-love, beauty rituals, and life coaching.