How Vedic Astrology Explains what is Happening

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I'm not an expert in Vedic astrology but enjoy its different way of seeing the stars than western astrology. If you've never heard of Kai, Sarpa, Rahu, and Ketu, don't worry. There are similarities between both. After all, how much different can human understanding and perceptions be even halfway on the other side of the globe? GHasn't the Covid-19 virus taught us we are more alike than different?

Pt. Punarvasu says "all planets including the Sun, Mars, Mercury, Jupiter, Venus and Saturn are under the orbit / axis of Rahu & Ketu forming a very significant negative Kal Sarpa Yoga. This yoga is currently built up in your horoscope with all planets hedged between Rahu in Gemini & Ketu". Rahu and Ketu are respectively the North Node and South Node.

He says "the Kal Sarpa combination is underway with all the planets hemmed between Rahu (the dragon's head) and Ketu (the dragon's tail) which figuratively speaking means that the entire planet chain in swallowed by Rahu & Ketu similar to what the world is experiencing - a worldwide lockdown."

"Rahu & Ketu are karmic planets. They become fully dominant over all planets during Kal Sarpa Combination, not allow them to function independently. When Rahu-Ketu act like masters of everything, they create major blocks in thinking. Being egged by negative serpentine energy, any miscalculated decisions backfire. Major decisions & moves need to be delayed till 27th May 2020 and once the negative energy dissipates it would be time for us to move on."

Thankfully, Jupiter comes in early this year, on March 30th to shine much-needed light. This also means we must be careful of false hope and avoid making hasty decisions. This means we might feel a sense of abundance, things changing for the best. As much as they is probably true, everything still relies on us doing the work. More specifically, as Jupiter will transition back into Capricorn, it means "working hard and creating success with much effort." Jupiter is about digging into our inner wisdom and creative side.

To complicated matters, Jupiter would come into Sagittarius around June. This means ups and downs until its settles into Capricorn in November 2020. Nothing new, in other words. Just expect the unexpected, hunker down, dig deep into the inner wise one.

It's interesting to see how many wholistic modalities are available to us. Another astrologist I follow regularly is Kristin Fontana who has an uncanny way to hit it on the nail for me. I'll write more about her next. She's an amazing soul and how warm it is to know she's on this planet at this moment.