I have crystalline objects being expelled through my skin

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I have crystalline objects being expelled through my skin

HI there everyone,

     I've been following this site and reading the articles avidly for a few weeks now, but I only just made an account.  I'm excited to find like minded people who will be open to my experiences without discounting their validity.  Over the past several days, 2 weeks maybe, I have had very hard, crystalline, seed or tear drop shaped objects being expelled from my skin, particularly over my chakra points and on the back of my hands and soles of my feet.  It is not acne or a rash.  I feel a sharp object, almost like a splinter, and when I remove it with a pair of tweezers, the exit point bleeds extensively, there is a burning sensation, then the exit site heals.  During meditation, I envisioned myself as like a lcd screen with burnt out pixels here and there and this 'dark matter' from old hurts and issues are being removed and replaced with pure light. Then on a few articles on this site, I've read that our DNA is changing to a crystalline form and that has resonated deep within me.  Last night I sat with that, accepted within my soul that my physical form is changing and evolving and this morning, I do not have anymore of these crystals emerging from my skin.  I'm writing this to acknowledge within myself that everything is as it should be and to seek insight from my fellow enlightened brothers and sisters.  Does anyone out there have anymore info about what has been happening to my physical form? Or is anyone else out there experiencing something similar to this?  

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skin problems

sounds like something I saw on Utube but best to check it out with doctor first -Look up Morgellans diease on the tube.


Hope this helps you friend.

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