"I love you, I'm sorry, please forgive me, thank you"

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I don't think there is an easier and more powerful mantra you can use these days.

Ho'Oponono came into my life a few years ago. It touched me as being so special and profound. Four little sentences that you can eventually boil down into two.

The Simplest Mantra You Will Ever Know

I love you.

I'm sorry.

Please forgive me.

Thank you.

I spent a whole year repeating it intensely. It was an ongoing mantra. And the results we stupendous. relations cleared up. Knots unfolding from situations.

There's no need to go into too much details here but suffice it to say there is a big difference between traditional Ho'Oponono and its modern iteration. I'll focus on the modern interpretation that came about when Morrnah Simeona distilled the modern version spearheaded then by Ihaleakala Hew Len, alias Dr. Len who co-authored Zero Limits with Joe Vitale.

The great thing about modern Ho'Oponono is that anyone can do it, any time, anywhere at any moment in time. In fact, the more you do, the more you get a feel to it.

For those who don't know about this precious jewel, think of it as a Universal mantra. The order of the sentences doesn't matter. You can arrange the sentences in whatever order matters.

Focusing on the outcome is a no-no. Don't do it. Just repeat it, fall into an introspective frame of mind and let the magic begin.

For me, it was magic. It unloosened knots inside of me and what could be called karmic attachments, some of which I was not aware of. It also allowed me to feel I had a certain amount of "responsibility" around an event or a situation, even if I did not feel I started or was 100% responsible. The fact that it was coming into my field of awareness meant I had something to do with it. Whether it was to help, to undo, or to say I was sorry is not that important. What matters is that the situation becomes healthier.

I haven't used it as much the past few years but it always comes in handy when it is needed. A few days ago, I was walking my friends' chocolate labradors and a vicious St Bernard jumped on one of them mulling him down. It was shocking and traumatizing. The young couple who owned the dog did not register the event. They barely said sorry. They were like many of their age, absent, detached, removed as if an ostrich could bury its head in the sand and avoid reality. I used it then, along with a complaint to animal control. Hey, that dog is vicious. What else can it do?

The other time was a young man who out of nowhere started cursing me out. Although my initial reaction was to clobber him, I reverted to doing a simple Ho'Oponono. Reflection on my original anger and confrontation that could have led to violence was defused with Ho'Oponono.

The Last Step of Ho'Oponono

Once you get a good feel for it, maybe after using for a year daily, you can throttle down to only repeating:

"I love you, thank you."

Give it a spin and let me know what you think.

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