I need guidance

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I need guidance

I need help. I know no one can help me directly and I know I need to find inner peace on my own, im just asking for some guidance.

Im from Nottingham in the UK. my dad has never been around and my mum was married to an abusive man that i used to fight with for about ten years of my childhood.

 About 2 years ago i started questioning what life was really about and i couldnt comprehend that it was just about getting a job, raising a family and dropping dead. I didnt understand why society works in the way that it does and I went through a phase of about 6 months where i was extremly depressed and dropped out of college and basically did nothing but smoke a lot of weed and just think.

About 3 months ago i stumbled upon a youtube series called spirit science (reccomend watching it). It really got me thinking, and it all seemed to make sense. I dont even know if this site is about any of this stuff but i just need guidance and help to find inner peace and i need to know if the world is ever gonna sort itself out. Or if not if theres anywhere in the world where everyone lives in harmony with one another. Theres too much suffering in the world when there doesnt need to be any. so please, any advice will be taken and who else feels the same way? 

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feeling the same way. nice
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You are already taking the first step by asking

You are already taking the first step by asking read my blogs help is on the way or what I should say help is in the skies help is here and getting ready to throw down for the showdown.

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