I Sneezed and I got Very Scared

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It's interesting to see the consequences of COVID-19. This little virus brought the world to a standstill. As much fear as it struck in the hearts of all, it also brought out the best and sometimes the worst in humans.

While the skies are clearer, animals venture back on the Earth, people engage more than ever with each other and taste that elusive quality of life, I sneezed and I got scared.

It's one thing to read the news and formulate an intellectual point of view. Although I pride myself on being somewhat neutral, I caught myself being complacent in intellectualizing the effects of COVID-19. I'm still not sure which is better, isolate, or brave the virus. Either way, I'd rather play it safe. But then I sneezed and that scared me.

I spent yesterday hunkered at home. Didn't step out once. I felt a little under the weather. My head felt like it does when I have a cold. I never can tell well the difference between a cold and the flu, or a virus and a bacteria. It all feels the same to me or perhaps, I'm not that in tune with the subtleties of my body messages. I crashed during the day. I slept like a baby. I drank plenty of fluids, took plenty of Vitamin C and Zinc, and put Ravintsara on my tongue. I didn't sleep well. What if I have COVID-19? Will I be rushed to the emergency room and live on 40% of my breathing capacity? And that could be the best-case scenario? What if I give it to my wife or my friends' daughter who came on a dog walk with me the day before?

It's a sobering thought away from formulas, theories, and intellectualization. It's a sober reminder that despite listening to political buffoons and their not so hidden agendas or other non-scientifically trained public talking heads when you sneeze you get very scared these days.

Stay safe. Take it easy if you can. If you can't, start looking into why you can't also have a certain amount of constant quality of life. Others do elsewhere, why not you? Ask yourself, what is my shadow trying to reveal to me? What am I chasing after? Am I running to something or running away from something?

And with, I'm feeling a great urge to restart my coaching practice. I'm going to look for two people on a donation base and see where it takes us. Anyone interested?