If I Could Only...

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God said:

Beloved, there is no need for you to countermand what life happens to feel like today. I am saying that you may think something is wrong with life. You think it’s wrong that you have a migraine headache. You think you have a situation that has to forego itself and have a different situation arise to come to your rescue. Who told you that life has to be different from what it is?

You told yourself so. I believe you did. Would you prefer that a life situation be different? Yes, you would, very definitely. Beloved, rather than insist that your situation change dramatically, change your insistence.

There is no question that some situations are difficult. You say you have a hard row to hoe. Clearly, there are situations that are very difficult to accept. Dear Ones, Instead of fighting tooth and nail, work on your acceptance, will you?

There are situations that no one relishes. No one is rolling over in joy at changes that seem to arrive uninvited and at a price.

You may come with a bias. No doubt, it’s a rare person on Earth who doesn’t like one thing less than another. No matter how hard you may argue one thing or another, you already know that someone else has met with harder difficulties than are yours by far, and somehow or another, they raise the meaning of their lives above despair.

Please understand My heart. I really don’t ask you to say: “I made the best of what I got.”

I ask more of you. I tell you to love and to love more and to find a vein of meaning as hard as this may be in the situation that you may be in. I am not going to tell you that you are marvelous to bury the hatchet. Beloved, I ask you: Must you carry a hatchet that now you have to bury? Why would you carry a hatchet that you now have to bury?

Remember this, and never forget it. You are not wonderful to forgive. If you still haven’t forgiven, you have taken too long.

Here’s a true story:

Recently, a young wife and husband had their first baby born happy and healthy in every way except the baby had no eyes whatsoever in his beautiful face. None. The young couple could moan and groan and protest their child's situation from now until doomsday.

They accept their boy with love and gratitude. They lifted their hearts. They said to Me: “Thank You, God. We will see that this boy will hear and touch and eat and laugh and smile and love life. He will see with deeper than eyes.”

Life is not always a dreamed of life. Look, princes and princesses and all golden full-bodied children with every advantage do not always live perfect lives. Everyone has the same good sunshine. No one knows ahead of time the good that he or she may do.

Of course, you remember the story of the Lame Prince and also the story of the Little Engine That Could.

Not all liabilities are liabilities. Be glad you have great good to do. You don’t have to say: “I will overcome.” Nor do I want you to be thinking: “I will compensate.”

When someone gives you Halloween candy and it’s not your favorite candy, you don’t say “Thanks, couldn’t you have done better?”

What does a thank you cost you?

What the world sums up as a catastrophe also somewhere within it may hold a reward.

Thank God for every blessing you are given.

Sometimes you would undo life as it is handed to you if you could, if only you could...

There is more you can do. You can grace the world regardless of what you have or do not have. You do not yet know the heights you can reach and inspire others to as well. Remember you are the sons and daughters of a King.

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