If I missed my chance to shift, will I get another?

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If I missed my chance to shift, will I get another?

     On Aug. 24th a Friday, I received a prophetic dream from either my higher self or spirit guide saying that on "Saturday", I was going to shift to the 5th.  The dream was where myself and many others whom I know and don't know were on a bus and taken to a fenced in secure place where I was told I was taking them with me when I shifted.  I didn't know which Saturday she was referring to.  Regardless, I missed it.  I'm thinking it was because I still remain in an unloving home.  

     For those of you who have already shifted, I was wondering if I'll get another chance, providing I leave this unloving home I reside in soon.  The reason I'm asking is because I had another prophetic dream this morning.  I was laying in a bed, maybe even a hospital bed (I'm not sure), and no one came to see me except one person.  I was dying.  I don't know the specifics as to why I was dying, and I don't even know if the dream meant I was actually dying or it was a metaphor for leaving 3d and is shifting to a 5d existence where I meet this person whose only name I remember and that she lives in the same city I live in now. 

     I realize that there are upcoming portals to shift, like 10-10, 11-11, etc., but this dream makes me wonder if I'll make it to those dates.   Does anyone in this forum have any insight or answers for me regarding this?  I am very grateful.

Love and Blessings,


 (P.S.  The reason I'm saying these were prophetic dreams is because they were so vivid and rememberable.  The dreams I usually have are not.  Also, as far as I know, I'm perfectly healthy right now.)  Thank you.

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heyho   hihi miss your



hihi miss your shift..

honestly i think you can not miss your shift because it is not your personal decision to be shifted or not.. i think you will be woken up automatically because you are here on earth to fullfill your mission and not to enjoy the *sins* here ;-)..so they wont let you struggle for all the time..they need every helping hand..


and the next question is.. which marks you set for yourself to recognize your shift ?

maybe you are wrong with your marks..



in lakesh



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i don't know about missing the shift; but your dream may signify how your soul is feeling in what you call "an unloving home": that'll do it, kid. perhaps, your higher self is trying to help you leave that unloving space where you can be free. i, too, am getting those kinds of nudges from my beloved soul; i'm just afraaaaaid to go!

Love to you, batu

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Sounds like it's not time for

Sounds like it's not time for you to die yet.  That's about the only shift that will happen.

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Hi new here just joined last

Hi new here just joined last night, hope I can help,

being young and wise and probly still need much learning, I feel that your dreams are a learning gateway for u to experince different emotions, me im all over the pace, uncontrollable at times lol, but it was your dream and signed to you alone and has meaning for only you to unravel, and your subconscious connection to this person has a means to teach, you were ment to remember that specific dream and let it pay a role in your daily toughts.

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Sorry all tried to delete one

Sorry all tried to delete one message and got two more instead still getting used to the site lol.

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