If Space Were Not, How Could Superman Leap Tall Buildings?

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God said:

Beloved, how can it be that time does not exist, while at the same moment, you don’t have enough of this phantom time to fit the bill? I don’t set out to entangle you in puzzles, yet this is the situation you often find yourself in in the world.

Life on Earth seems like a magician’s act. Now you see it, now you don’t.

How challenging is this illusion called Life in the World as if it were sprung on you to trip you up? You do realize, don’t you, that you would not like it if time and space were valid and could hold you in constant bondage. You might not like it at all. Enjoy your freedom.

Time is no more than a fake calculation you go by. You believe in time and space as if they were your wardens. Time seems to hold you in a trance, and space too. If space were not a fact, how could Superman leap tall buildings and you climb flights of stairs?

It’s really true that you want everything. There are times you desire life while you go over the possibilities of death as though wisely with yourself if not in a talk group.

If I ask you what you might like Me to change in life and death, you would deluge Me with suggestions. You might also be setting yourself awry. You would gain something at one end while at another, you would knock yourself off into another fix. You would be left in the lurch. Everything on Earth seems to hinge on something else. Not all of the factors to consider are within your bearings.

You may have perfect vision in your left eye, yet very little vision in your right eye – not enough to compensate. Or it could be the opposite.

Rather, you only see further when the deed is done. You just don't see far enough ahead of time. Short-sighted perhaps.

Of course, you may often not see the half of it until too late. I also tell you to let go.

This is not always easy for you. The past turns around and hands you something else to puzzle over. Life in one moment is too short and too big at the same time as life points out to you your losses misspent in one way or another. This is, in retrospect, an error that now seems to take a life of its own. It can, after the fact, be said that when you don’t look both ways before you cross the street – perhaps you need to take a look at another map or blaze your own trail. You don’t know ahead of time what you don’t already know.

Thus, it may be said that you learn the hard way when you do learn at all. Of course, you do know when you feel too cold or too hot. Possibly you do know whither thou goest.

On the other hand, you may not have been paying attention as you cross from one street to another. Laws-a-day, you may get blindsided, and you state that you were taking every precaution.

You throw up your hands and cry out that this accident, whatever it may be, shouldn’t have happened. You say you can’t be responsible. Beloved, you do have some culpability, yet not all by any means, and, once in a blue moon, maybe none.

I see in some households when a child falls and scrapes his knee, the child’s mother slaps the sidewalk and says something like: “Bad, bad sidewalk to give Baby a boo-boo. Bad sidewalk.”

You see?

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