Important ~ The Grand Awakening!

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~ A Message from The Earth Allies ~

The Grand Awakening



“The Great Awakening ”


Love from the Galactic Federation of Light, The Kingdom~Company of Heaven, Your Family of Light and Earth Allies, working Behind the Scenes for Humanity's Freedom and Return Home into The Light. We are The Ground Crew Medical Team for First Contact. Thank You for Honoring Our Presence here With You On Planet Earth=Heart. WE Now Have less then 2 Years till the end of our Mission here.






Brilliant! Thank you

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Brilliant! Thank you MotherGod for this beautiful update, and especially the affirmation of who I really am..Love..


"By serving the Love I AM, I Am serving the ONE=the ALL=ALL of US. By serving the Love I AM, I AM trusting Love in all moments of my experience. When I am trusting Love, Love serves me. There's nothing for me to do, and everything for me to be, in all moments.  As I serve Love and Love serves me, the more joy, happiness and wholeness of being I feel and experience in all my  present moments of Now. The true reality of who I really am, Love, is now being born from my being in every present moment of now. I am becoming the unique God I AM, incarnate on planet Earth=Heart. As this occurs, my soul begins expanding as I marry with creation and Love. Stepping into the unknowable, I become a bright new star of brilliance. And so it is on earth as it is in heaven, I am Love, and I am GOD."


I AM thankful for every new day in Love with all humanity and creation everywhere. I AM thankful and grateful for You and FatherGod for being here, and how you reach out to all of us and  remind us of who we all are. LOVE ...God incarnate...Co-creating with all of humanity. I am so thankful to awaken and let go of all ego, ignorance and densities. I choose Love..Feeling the wave MOM...WOWWE.. Love YOU MotherFatherGod and ALL creation.


p.s. Hope you don't mind, I had to write the affirmation out so I can see it every day and be reminded of who I AM..God..LOVE..