Incredible NASA footage of UFOs: 'Join us and live in peace'?

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NASA cameras have captured hundreds of unexplained images as well as compelling film footage of UFOs above the Earth. These images of swift moving objects, hovering orbs and even a space battle, are proof of the existence of ET visitors to Earth, claim UFO enthusiasts .

NASA's official stance on the incident, however is that these objects are merely dust floating around in space. The speculation continues to fly regarding these fascinating videos, many of which were captured by the International Space Station and NASA satellites orbiting Earth.

A stunning video, just released by YouTube user StephenHannardADGUK, puts many of these now famous sightings together with an eerie but dramatic soundtrack:

"A video compilation of some of my favourite UFOs from the NASA archives. For me this proves beyond doubt that NASA is continuing to deceive the people of the world about an Extraterrestrial presence. All footage has had some subtle filtering added by me, as the quality was not very good, other than that no altering of any footage has been done."

These now famous NASA videos were captured by Martin Stubbs, of British Columbia,Canada, who spent five years recording every single second of every mission NASA aired from 1995-2000. Discovering to his surprise that the NASA signal was not encrypted, Martin was able to easily downlink it to his home and record everything NASA did during that time....

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