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Transcription of Maarten Horst's Account of the Aion Portal Activation

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Maarten Horst, First Contact Radio

Report on the Aion Vortex Activation

November 23, 2013

 Florence, Italy


My dear fellow human beings, welcome to First Contact Radio. My name is Maarten Horst and I just came back from a long trip. I speak to you from the Netherlands. We have been at the activation portal of the Goddess energy.

I am here to speak to you about what happened both physically and etherically. The reason that I drove 4000 km is because this is of vital importance. The whole situation was so incredible because the whole Universe was watching us; the whole Creation was watching what was happening in Florence, in Firenze. I am a bit emotional from all that happened, not a little bit emotional, very emotional.

I will try to describe what happened first in the physical reality... On Friday morning the people were gathering at a yoga studio in Firenze. There was a nice quiet atmosphere. There was a beautiful meditation with Cobra and with Isis. The music that he played was incredible; it was the highest frequency I have heard in music. I am very sensitive in music; that is why I say this.  

The group was consisting of 24 Light-workers from Brazil, Italy, Dubai and many other places... What I experienced was the highest regions of Light, the highest Elohim, the highest aspect of Aion and Iona were working very intensely.

We were working through the group.

There was also the darkness attacking us etherically.

It is that we went into a curve very quickly, every second it changed, every minute. From very high frequency but then there were attacks from the dark forces. But the Light succeeded and we were very happy. We were in tears.

ET Genetic Code May Be Found In Human DNA, According To Kazakhstan Scientists' Biological SETI Theory

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Huffington Post- 4/9/13, Lee Speigel


Alien Code Human Genes



For those of us who wonder if earthlings are the only intelligent species in the Milky Way and beyond, try this theory on for size: Two scientists in Kazakhstan believe humans may have an extraterrestrial "stamp" embedded into our genetic code, a mathematical message that would not be explained by Darwin's theory of biological evolution.

The scientists are suggesting that an advanced alien civilization "seeded" our galaxy eons ago with an ET signal that eventually found its way to Earth, implanting a genetic code into humans, reports Physicist Vladimir I. shCherbak of al-Farabi Kazakh National University of Kazakhstan and astrobiologist Maxim A. Makukov of the Fesenkvo Astrophysical Institute refer to this far-out concept as "biological SETI."


Incredible NASA footage of UFOs: 'Join us and live in peace'?

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NASA cameras have captured hundreds of unexplained images as well as compelling film footage of UFOs above the Earth. These images of swift moving objects, hovering orbs and even a space battle, are proof of the existence of ET visitors to Earth, claim UFO enthusiasts .

NASA's official stance on the incident, however is that these objects are merely dust floating around in space. The speculation continues to fly regarding these fascinating videos, many of which were captured by the International Space Station and NASA satellites orbiting Earth.

A stunning video, just released by YouTube user StephenHannardADGUK, puts many of these now famous sightings together with an eerie but dramatic soundtrack:


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Ok, some comments, the page has comments disabled, so Im posting them here.



This is good info over at 2012ascention.

Thank you for the summary, done a wonderful job. Yes, I believe there will come, is coming a date when "Jesus will come", or at least the GFL, the LIGHT, the LOVe of the UNIVERSE will play a role.


Now I havent been on the Commander's website in a minute, so i cant give all the details, but it seems even the GFL(in its entireity, angels included) are a bit pissed as to why we havent taken the 'path of the light' as one sighting report puts it. The CABAL and Governments here are partially to blame...(isnt US GOVT always to blame..)


Basically, 'those left behind' as it were, are either, those causing harm, or those not awakened yet, which will have plenty of time to awaken.Thank you those upstairs for the clarification.


Need to REMAIN aware and vigilant. I caught a group today trying to mark us all off as a 'religion of false ideals'...keep filtering these FRAUDS off the internet please. Viewpoints, i dont really care what they think of us, there will always be nay sayers...but theyre doing the same to us to call us false, when we know this is of higher mind and light to promote, and help awaken others. As we know, it is THIER choice to awaken, and when. Not all it seems like this new process....and will fight to the death in words or in other means apparently to stop us.


disclosure and ET(s)

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With all of this ET visiting about to occur, after going thru my documents folders Ive noticed a few points, some of which are covered. I will try and link the PDF file in here somehow.


Basically, it goes over the hows and details about how or how not disclosure will or may happen and the ramifications thereof.

(The despising of secret governments, how we all look alike to most ET races...)


I would not blame you ZRs for what happened any more than I blame the Humans in the Secret Governments. This tit-for-tat, though... WE ARE BETTER than this. ALL OF US.

TEACH these HUMANS something they can learn. Yet I still see this sometimes on Facebook in our own groups...


ET IS listening folks... Might not be Draco or Zeta Reticulan, might not be Terran from Tau CETI, but ET is listening. We need to start acting like 5D beings. My apologies to those caught up in the Dreamland disaster of recent years. These scared humans dont know how to react sometimes.


There is to note also that some ETs may have tried to make contact last year and are making point about this arcaic computer technology.I will say this on that matter:


These Humans seek confirmation to the communication and imagery we see in our minds, to know that it is not our own imagination. The only way we know how is to verify with others of like minds, to use our methods of communication, digital and otherwise. To some I can see why this is seen as NON-SACRED or why it is seen as such. ASCII is understood by some of you, and unfortunate as it may be, it is primitive form of communication. Telepathy would be better, but find me a good telepath these days, and I will find you a hundred fakes.



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Lets start with the days headlines:


For various reasons he wont finish in coming forwards but this is enough to open the doors along with FBI Vaulted docs(online) and NSA level docs floating around.


MAJESTIC12 and ROSWELL happened. I have the docs on it.


Finally some truth being revealed.




K2: "It kust disappeared? HOW? Something to do with alignment with the planet...."


A UFO...disappearing. Now why are the other three parts about BERLIN and its WALL?


I shall tell you.


It was the ame timeframe as the BERLIN WALL and the CUBAN missile crisis.

'DOES LANGLEY know?' YES, and so did the President, Mr.Kennedy.


When he tried to come forward with the info, the CIA, NSA came after him and assassinated him on public TV.


Those were dark times, and they are behind us. The friendlies are here now.


And like the WALL coming down, the curtain or veil of secrecy has fallen finally.


I will get to some of your comments on Facebook in a moment. I sickens me that we cannot be more open and unjudgemental about things.


I believe in rights and freedoms and will do anything to support them. Think what you may of me, I do not care. i believe ETs have the right to bear arms too, it doesnt mean anyone has to use them. Look at the secret service.....


Baltic Sea UFO/USO disables electronic equipment: Mystery deepens

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While the world awaits eagerly with baited breath, the Ancylus, expedition boat of the Ocean X Team that first discovered the mysterious underwater Baltic Sea circular object, has returned a year later, for the team's first dive down to the mysterious site.

The object, which appears like an enormous mushroom rising 3-4 meters/10-13 feet from the seabed, is made from a hard rock like substance, possibly sandstone or concrete, with rounded sides and rugged edges. At the top there is an egg shaped opening, and small soot-covered stones appear to have been placed on top of it in the shape of small fireplaces. Passageways or walls and something that could be a staircase are seen at a 90 degree angle from the top of the sphere.


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