Information Regarding the Release of many UFO Disclosure Documents

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I have been seeing other heads up statements about this on the web for about a month, including from Saint Germain, so I’m cooperating with these very positive and responsible overseers.  And I’ve been shown just how close this seems to be.  



Information Regarding the Release of many UFO Disclosure Documents



The possibility of an imminent huge release of UFO documents from one or more governments is still very real, and is being anticipated and strongly encouraged by the overseers of planetary affairs.


(Think Snowden, altho he has already passed on his UFO cache to others, and this is only given as an example, not as what we are now referring to…)


If this occurs, then it will have a profound effect on the subsequent conduct of human affairs, both governmental and civilian.  And it will be important for the public to understand that this planet is only one of many that have space travel capabilities, and that indeed there are many other planets with human and human level civilizations.


And it will be very important for people to have satisfactory information about the current and future developments of the UFO/ET involvements with this planet.


We are now beginning to provide some of this information by the sending of these messages and by a telepathic grid of our design which is able to reach many influential people.  


Further means of communication to the public will be employed as this disclosure proceeds.