~ Inside a Solar Wind Stream~

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Greetings Love beings, Welcome to another intense and wild energy day. We feel we will be experiencing these All Month and continued into September. We are currently inside a Solar wind stream which does effect the Energy feilds around Humanity and The Planet. We are Also in an intense collective clearing! You can Join us Live today beginning at 10:30am Pacific as we discuss what is really happening On the Planet at this Link: http://tinychat.com/galacticpress

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~ Whats Really Happening ON this Planet? You can FIND OUT!


Greetings Love Beings, Our Wild and Intense energies continue as anticipated. So Much is happening Energetically on the Planet and today we are being supported by a Solar wind Stream stirring up the Magnetic field. WOOO! Over this past weekend we were doing some intense collective clearing to open up the space for more energies to arrive. Indeed we are Moving faster and faster. You can Join us Live today beginning at 10:30am Pacific as We discuss what is really happening on the Planet. You can Join us At this Link: http://tinychat.com/galacticpress


Topics of Discussion:


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Montague Keen - August 4, 2013



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Ashtar via Philipp: Update on September 2013




AshtarAshtar, channeled by Philipp: Update on September 2013. August 5, 2013


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Archangel Gabriel's Daily Messages ~ July 16 August 5, 2013




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Archangeloi of the Elohim message for 5th August 2013




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Lisa Gawlas ~ The Activation Of August Energy Requires Your Action ~ 5 August 2013



lisagawlas2Several years ago I started to see the “energy potential” of various up coming months.  The color and texture of that “month” gave understanding of what was going to be available to us in that month.  It took me a long time to really understand the significance of the color(s) and texture(s) as it related to us.


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TheOne-DreamDreamer ~ There Are No Answers ~ 5 August 2013



There Are No Answers

Only Life.

For any answer is in fact no answer at all. Only once we LIVE something do we Know. That’s the only way we can remember, move on, enhance our beings and bring this cycle to the rightful end.

Not by asking but by LIVING the answer.


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Brigit. “You Think You Know Your Story…” By, Bella Capozzi. August 5, 2013.


Unknown♔ It’s been quite a while since I got a message to share from the beloved Goddess Brigit (or St.


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Ron Head ~ Breathe light in. Breathe Love And Gratitude Out ~ 5 August 2013



Your ability to discern truth is once again being awakened within you.  This is not a new thing, but something which has been intentionally kept muted and unused.  Even when it began to return you were distracted at every turn.


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~ Space Weather Update~ GEOMAGNETIC UNREST


GEOMAGNETIC UNREST: A solar wind stream is buffeting Earth's magnetic field, causing minor geomagnetic storms around the poles. High-latitude sky watchers should be alert for auroras. Geomagnetic storm alerts: text, voice.

"I am happy to announce the opening of Aurora Season in Iceland!" says photographer Iurie Belegurschi who snapped this picture on August 5th:


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Natalie Glasson ~ Soul Mates by Master Saint Germain



Sacred School of OmNa Natalie Glasson Saint Germain

Channelled through Natalie Glasson- 01-08-13-www.omna.org
Greetings and salutations to beloved souls in embodiment upon the Earth, I extend my vibration of love, transformation and divine magic to support the deep and profound awakening occurring within your being. I am Master Saint Germain, an Ascended Master and an instrument of expression of the Creator’s light and consciousness. Please know that I am here as a supportive energy with many souls and masters upon the inner planes to be of service and guidance to you as you take a terrifically magical journey upon the Earth. So much love is pouring into your being and the Earth, if you allow it to, you are truly being suspended and cocooned in the most sacred, divine and familiar vibrations of love and so there is nothing for you to fear or be concerned about. When you allow yourself to open up to the divine light of the Creator, which means receive the light of the Creator; everything will automatically flow as if orchestrated by your soul and the Creator for your enjoyment.


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Jennifer Hoffman ~ The Energies of August 2013


Enlightening Life By Jennifer on August 4, 2013

2013 is flying by and we’re now in the eighth month, August, whose energies offer new beginnings and final endings. It’s a month whose energy is going to often feel like we are being pulled in two different directions and the decision will be based on the question “Do we move forward or go back?”. Standing still is no longer an option and choices must be made. For three weeks this month, we have a Jupiter-Pluto opposition, which will highlight the opportunities opening up for us, as well as provide reasons to let go of the old ways, patterns and habits. We’re fully into our journey of evolution and ascension and it is all good, even though it may not always feel good.


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See Three Asteroids in the Night Sky This Month


Space.com - 8/2/13, Geoff Gaherty

Three Asteroids in August 2013

Have you ever seen an asteroid? These space rocks, though small in size, are very numerous, but very few amateur astronomers have ever seen one. The next couple of weeks give stargazers an opportunity to view three asteroids in one night: Flora, Juno, and Iris.


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The Oracle Report - Monday, August 5, 2013


The Oracle Report

Balsamic Moon Phase - Moon in Cancer/Leo

Ruling Mahavidya:  Dhumavati


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'The Tide Has Turned': NSA Protesters Back to the Streets for #1984Day, Rallies expected across US


Commondreams.org, By: Jacob Chamberlain, 08/04/2013

Thousands of people are expected to rally in cities across the U.S. on Sunday in protest of the National Security Agency's recently exposed dragnet surveillance programs, in what organizers from the group Restore the Fourth are calling 1984 Day.


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Heavenletter #4637 - Meet the Sun




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Community Gardening: Mass Medication With Positive Side Effects


Realfarmacy.com, By: Justin Gardener, 08/01/2013


In today’s world it is more difficult than ever to get the proper exercise and diet we need for healthy living. Gardening in our own yards meets both of these needs; we get the healthiest food and we have to put some work in to achieve this.



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Once more unto the beach, dear friends: Bulgaria’s anti-government protesters take the show on the road


The Sofia Globe - 8/03/13, Staff


Bulgaria’s anti-government protesters have embarked on a 400km march to the seaside to maintain the momentum in the campaign to pressure the Bulgarian Socialist Party government to resign.


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4 Benefits of Magnesium, Signs of Deficiency, and Food Sources


Naturalsociety.com, By: Elizabeth Renter, 08/03/2013

vegetables collander 263x164 4 Benefits of Magnesium, Signs of Deficiency, and Food Sources


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Butter vs Margarine: The Big Fat Butter Lie


Naturalsociety.com, By: Paul Fassa, 08/05/2013

butter 263x164 Butter vs Margarine: The Big Fat Butter Lie


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Clarifying the Meaning of Universal Oneness


Waking Times.com - Anna Hunt, 8/03/13



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Collusion for Illusion: Australia’s “Big 4″ Banks are All Owned by the Same Financial Interest


Wake Up World - Lee Maddox, 7/29/13

ownership tree

Source: http://www.spankyourbank.com.au


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200 feet wide:Giant sinkhole amazes small Kansas town

Video Link


Published on Aug 4, 2013


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Solar wind stream buffeting Earth's magnetic field


The Watchers - by Adonai - August 5, 2013


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3MIN News August 5, 2013: GMO, Climate Cascade, RE-FOCUS

Video Link


Published on Aug 5, 2013


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Angel Wisdom - The Power of your Past Lives with Archangel Raziel



Sunday, August 4, 2013  Angel Wisdom


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The Creator Writings - Wrong Place, Right Time



August 4, 2013 The Creator Writings


If you feel you are in the wrong place, remember this: there are many situations where I am placing my bright lights…especially where they are needed most. It may not be where you EXPECT them to be but, there IS a purpose to it. Open your heart and listen; you will hear the truth of it. ~ Creator



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Earthquake Report for 08/04/2013




18 earthquakes


    5.5 194km E of Yuzhno-Sakhalinsk, Russia 2013-08-04 11:56:35 UTC-04:00 379.4 km

    2.5 51km S of Lone Pine, California 2013-08-04 11:46:22 UTC-04:00 0.5 km

    4.3 50km S of La Libertad, El Salvador 2013-08-04 11:43:03 UTC-04:00 81.0 km

    5.3 112km S of Port Hardy, Canada 2013-08-04 09:22:27 UTC-04:00 10.0 km


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12 Foods That Supercharge Your Brain


Preventdisease.com, By: Editor, 08/04/2013

Simply put, your brain likes to eat. And it likes powerful fuel: quality fats, antioxidants, and small, steady amounts of the best carbs. The path to a bigger, better brain is loaded with Omega-3 fats, antioxidants, and fiber. Give your brain a kick start: eat the following foods on a daily or weekly basis for results you will notice.



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Jesus through John - To Love is to awaken, and to awaken is to Love




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Méline Lafont ~ There is no turning around now with the planetary Ascension for this is now unfolding on a Solar and cosmic level ~ As channeled from Self


Awakeningtohigherlove.com August 4, 2013 by melinelafont


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Anticancer Herbs by Herbs Info



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Heavenletter #4636 - In Every Atom





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All that has been kept secret is starting to be revealed, shocking many of you


John Smallman



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2 Aug 2013 Meteor Activity Outlook for August 3-9, 2013


amsmeteor.org, 8/4/13, Robert Lumsford

Radiant positions at 4am LDT

Radiant positions at 4am LDT


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Moon and Mercury close to horizon at dawn August 5


Earthsky.org, 8/4/13 -Bruce McClure

Our sky chart shows the eastern sky for about 45 minutes before sunrise at North American mid-northern latitudes (Monday, August 5). Given an unobstructed horizon, clear sky – and possibly binoculars – you just might catch a pale, whisker-thin waning crescent moon in the glow of morning twilight.


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How to Protect Yourself Against Cancer With Food by Carolyn Akens



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Brazil protesters keep up the pressure


Aljazeera.com - 8/01/13, Paula Daibert


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Video Link


Published by hashmina samreen

Published on Jul 3, 2013




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Meteor strikes, punches hole 2 meters deep - China


The Watchers, 8/1/13, Adonai

A meteor has reportedly crashed at a dump site in a village of northwest China around 02:00 local time on Thursday, August 1, 2013. Meteorite impact left a 3 meter wide and 2 meter deep crater. 

Authorities reported no casualties. Search for meteorite fragments is ongoing.


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UK Premiere of Sirius Movie followed by Q&A with Dr.Steven Greer


GFP Note: Sirius premiered in the UK on July 25th,
followed by a Q&A with Dr. Stephen Greer.



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10 Reasons To Love Your Tomatoes


Preventdisease.com, By: Karen Foster, 08/02/2013

Now that genetically-modified tomatoes are fairly common, the heirloom varieties have become more appealing. Lycopene in tomatoes can reduce heart disease by almost 30 percent and the phytochemical is as powerful as many classes of drugs commonly prescribed for cardiovascular disease. If you’re not already a tomato-lover, here are 10 reasons to start loving them now.



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Re~Hearter. Chat Session This Afternoon ~ ALL are welcome. Join us!



Join us here:




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Strong earthquake M 6.0 struck near crippled Fukushima Dai-ichi plant


Thewatchers.adorraeli, By: Adonai, 08/04/13

A strong earthquake registered as M 6.0 (JMA) on Richter scale struck northeastern Japan on August 4, 2013 at 03:28 UTC. JMA reported depth of 50 km. This earthquake was 41 km away from March 11, 2011 devastating M 9.0 "Tohoku earthquake" and about 109 km away from crippled Fukushima nuclear power plant.


There was no risk of a tsunami, JMA said. Operator of crippled nuclear power plant Fukushima Dai-ichi said no problems were reported there or at another one of its nuclear plants in Fukushima. USGS measured magnitude 5.8 earthquake and depth of 46 km.



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Solar Warden - The Secret Space Program


Huffington Post - Darren Perks, 7/07/2012


Since approximately 1980, a secret space fleet code named 'Solar Warden' has been in operation unknown to the public...


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'Havoc' as HSBC prepares to close diplomatic accounts


BBC News - 8/04/13

HSBC bank sign
The honorary consul of Benin said his mission had been having trouble finding a new bank

HSBC bank has reportedly asked more than 40 diplomatic missions to close their accounts as part of a programme to reduce business risks.


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3MIN News August 4: Wet Mars, Coronal Hole Stream Impacting - Aurora Watch

Video Link


Published on Aug 4, 2013


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Perseid fireballs are already arriving!


Earthsky.org, 8/3/13

Spaceweather.com explained ths diagram:

Green lines illustrate the paths of Perseid meteoroids, traveling in space. All six intersect Earth (the blue dot). The orbit of Comet Swift-Tuttle is the purple line. An inset shows one of the fireballs shining almost as brightly as the moon.


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Comets found lurking closer to Earth than previously thought


The Extinction Protocol, 8/3/13


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Understanding How Energy Flows in the Body: Meridians, Microlines and Temporal Flows


The Healers Journal Posted by admin on August 3, 2013


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Amazing Singing Plants Phenomenon by in5d Alternative News


singing plants - Music of the plants is beautiful and relaxing.Plants are very much alive. Not only do they dislike human noise but they also posses the capacity to learn and communicate.

Perhaps even more astonishing is that plants can also make music.

Have you ever heard the incredible music of the plants? Plants can actually sing and compose music and listening to it is truly beautiful and relaxing!

Ever since 1975, researchers at Damanhur, in northern Italy have been experimenting with plants, trying to lean more about their unique properties.


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4MIN News August 3, 2013: Storm Watch, CME, Aurora Watch

Video Link


Published on Aug 3, 2013


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“What Comes Next?” A Mini-Reading For August 3, 2013. By, Bella Capozzi.




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Shift In Frequency~ What To Make Of It All?


Contrary to appearances, the human species is neither crazy nor headed for oblivion. We are evolving, and doing so with great rapidity.


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“Who Are You, Truly?”~ A Message from the Angels, et al ~3 August 2013, by Tazjima


Evening Blues

“Who are you (or “Hu R U” in text!)?” asked the Caterpillar of Alice in “Through the Looking Glass”. Many of you are now deep into the process of discovering the answer that Alice was seeking.

Today, several of us, as ascended masters, angelic beings and divine mentors have joined together to address you through our scribe:


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Hamburger chef Jamie Oliver has just won a battle against one of the largest fast food chains


Thank You to Bella Capozzi

Hamburger chef Jamie Oliver has just won a battle against one of the largest fast food chains in the world. After Oliver showed how McDonald’s hamburgers are made, the franchise announced it will change its recipe.

According to Oliver, the fatty parts of beef are “washed” in ammonium hydroxide and used in the filling of the burger. Before this process, according to the presenter, the food is deemed unfit for human consumption.


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~ Gaia Portal Update~ Standardized Responses” are Neutralized


3 Aug

“Standardized responses” to all situations on all dimensional planes are neutralized as Gaia nodes are requesting Ascended Collaboration. All attempts to utilize commonly-used measures will fail to bring in  higher frequencies to the planet.

Higher Self knows.


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~ GFP Update~ Its Going to Get More Intense~ Galactic Love Party


You can Join us Live today, Saturday for Our Weekly Galactic Love Party in the 5d Room, Oneness Energies Beginning Live at 1:30pm Pacific At this Link: http://tinychat.com/galacticpress

We are One Family JOIN US!



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