~ Intense Energy and Intense Cleansing Occurring~

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Greetings Love Beings, We Not Only have Some Intense energy, We also Have Some Intense Cleansing Occurring to make way for some more intense energy. This will only Be Increasing as we Prepare The Planet for a Full Planetary Awakening! This is Unstoppable! Surrender to the Moment of Now is Key and Breathe! Its all Going to Be OKAY, Actually its going to be wonderful! Love The Earth Allies

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Our Universal Family: You’re Helping Raise the Consciousness of your Planet


-Channeled through Wes Annac-

With so much brimming Love and joy for the continual progress being made by each of you, we express that you’ve only reached the beginning of your enactment of widespread change and your fashioning of unity for all to enjoy and be a part of.

We note the efforts being made by an increasing number of souls to establish unity amongst themselves and those around them, and while our scribe seeks guidance about his own involvement in such things we can say that similar unity-based movements are being started all across your planet.


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Aztec 1948 UFO Crash - Secret Recovery of Alien Technology

Video Link



GFP Note: We are presenting this for your
awareness and enjoyment.
As always, please use your discernment.



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~Moving into CREATION within the New Earth~



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~Dreams, Messages and More Change of Plans!!




web of creation


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Heavenletter #4716 ~ The Only Thing to Do


By: Heavenletters.org, 10/23/2013

God said:


Beloveds, what is there to do but smile and laugh! Can you think of something better to do?



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Ease Anxiety Without Dangerous Drugs by The Alternative Daily


walkingAnxiety is no fun, to put it lightly. It can sometimes last for hours, making you unable to focus on work, connect with your family and even perform simple day-to-day tasks. Luckily, nature provides several simple solutions that, if practiced regularly with dedication, may greatly ease your anxiety.



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5 Ways Onions Can Boost Your Health by The Alternative Daily


onionsIt can bring you to tears. Known for its pungent odor and its ability to make a grown man cry in the kitchen, the onion is most often utilized for its ability to season and flavor a variety dishes. But don’t discount this odiferous orb as a mere ingredient. Check out these five ways onions can boost your health.



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The Oracle Report for Wednesday, October 23, 2013


By: Oraclereport.com, 10/23/2013

Disseminating Moon Phase: share, distribute, teach, demonstrate


Moon: Gemini/Cancer



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Using Meditation to Overcome Ego


Waking Times, By: Debbie West, 10/22/2013



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Orionid Meteor Shower: Leftovers of Halley's Comet


Space.com - 10/21//13, Elizabeth Howel

Orionid meteor Over Summit County, CO

The Orionid meteor shower takes place in October and November each year, peaking in mid-October. The Orionids are noted for being bright and fragments, according to NASA, with an average speed of about 148,000 mph (238,000 kph).


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Halley's Comet Peppers Earth's Atmosphere With Debris (video)


Space.com - 10/21-13


Published on Oct 21, 2013


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Jesus ~ The descending of the I AM Presence ~ By Méline Lafont


Picture credit



Message from Jesus


Question : “Is the descent of the I AM Presence (in biblical lore known as the ‘Glorification on the Mountain) the same or somewhat comparable to the process you underwent on Mountain Sinai where you became a glorious lightbeing in front of 2 friends who witnessed it all?”


Answer : My dear child, I Am Jesus and I talk to you now from the heart of Love and through the unconditional Love. I Am your brother, your son, your teacher, your enlightener, your guide… I am you and you are me into infinity. It is my delight to talk more extensively about the descent of the I AM Presence which is closely linked to your own enlightenment and to your awakening on a pure, enlightened level.



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Ibu volcano (Halmahera Island, Indonesia): increasing activity


Volcano Discovery Wednesday Oct 23, 2013 12:37 PM | BY: T

MODIS hot spot data (past 7 days) for Ibu volcano (ModVolc, Univ. Hawaii)

MODIS hot spot data (past 7 days) for Ibu volcano (ModVolc, Univ. Hawaii)


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Archangel Michael through Marc Gamma ~Let’s start with our journey and we shall accompany you ~23.10.2013


[Original language German, translated by (Contra)Mary]

My beloved humans, this is Archangel Michael speaking to you.

It is time again to submit to you another new message. Again some wonderful week has passed by in the meantime and much has happened. My brother, Archangel Raphael has already made du reference to it as I am doing it likewise here too.


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Video Link



Published on Dec 10, 2012


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Support For Legalizing Marijuana Grows To Highest Point EVER In Gallup Poll


For the first time, more than half of Americans think that marijuana usage should be made legal, according to a Gallup poll released Tuesday.

Fifty-eight percent of Americans now back legalizing marijuana. That represents an 8-point increase from the previous record of 50 percent in 2011, and a 10-point increase from November 2012, just after Colorado and Washington voted for legalization.


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'Sunken Atlantis Pyramid' Discovered off Azores Coast



International Business Times - 9/26/13, Hannah Osborne

São Miguel


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~ Celia Fenn ~The 3 November Solar Eclipse Restructuring into Light....and Africa Rises!



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Jump Out Of The Box!

Video Link




Published on Oct 19, 2013 by DTRHRadioArchives


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Pope Expels German "Luxury Bishop" From Diocese



ABC News - 10/23/13, AP



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Coconut oil miraculously helps Parkinson's patient regain quality of life


NaturalNews) Imagine for a moment that you are a 74-year-old man diagnosed with Parkinson's disease, and you are quickly losing your ability to think, move and function, despite adhering to an intense regimen of all the latest pharmaceutical offerings for this miserable disease. Then imagine that nearly all of your symptoms subside almost miraculously after beginning a dietary routine that involves taking large doses of all-natural coconut oil every day.


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5MIN News October 23, 2013: Comet Explodes, Solar Eruptions to Impact Earth

Video Link


Published on Oct 23, 2013


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Pope Francis: 'Ideological Christians' Are a 'Serious Illness'



Source: AlterNet - Alex Kane, 10/21/13



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Global Oneness Day ~ October 24



GFP Note: Join us tomorrow on The Higher Grid (CLICK HERE) to celebrate Global Oneness Day!




The first Global Oneness Day was in 2010. Global Oneness Day is a day meant to inspire awareness, appreciation, and celebration of our Oneness. All life is connected!



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Gaia Portal~Portals for hu-manity Unfoldment Have Opened…


23 Oct

gaia_energy1Portals for hu-manity unfoldment have opened and allow such beings to experience full awakening to Higher Self.


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Angel Wisdom with Sharon Taphorn ~ Be Bold



Tuesday, October 22, 2013 Angel Wisdom

Take some chances



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A Message for Starseeds



Dear, beautiful Starseeds!

In this video (go to 55:22), Judy Satori gives a message in light language that will activate soul knowing or soul ability. It’s a message to all starseeds to remember. Remember who you are : )
I don’t know if it resonates, but I remember when I did it, and I did notice differences and things and memories coming to me afterwards. It was incredible. I loved it!

If you want to hear different light languages, go to: 57:35. You will hear her speak light language from Lyra, Andromeda, Orion, Sirius, Arcturus, and the Pleiades. Perhaps a certain one – or several – resonates with you?


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Brenda Hoffman – Throw Away Your Creation Training Wheels – 22 October 2013




 22 October 2013  Brenda Hoffman 


Life Tapestry Creations - Brenda Black Photo



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Fran Zepeda~ Lady Nada: Let The Sweet Peace of Your Stillness Be Your Guiding Light


by franheal  Lady Nada:


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Update by Sheldan Nidle~10-22-13~The Divine is in effect


7 Chicchan, 8 Tzec, 10 Caban


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The core of your Being – The Divine Mother through Isabel Henn October 22, 2013




(Translated from original language german)


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~ Today's Real News ~ Big Changes Ahead ~

Video Link


Published Oct 22, 2013


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These Crazy Times and The 12th Insight



GFP Commentary: In the following video Daniella Breene discusses the basics of what is occurring now energetically speaking. Although her terminology differs with the following explanation, she essentially is describing the 12th insight.

 12th Insight Description:


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Ego – Overcoming the Limitations of Personality While in Search of the Cosmic Self



October 14, 2013 Debbie West, Contributor
Waking Times


Flickr - Mind - TheDreamSky





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Romania steps up security measures amid protests



Press TV - 10/22/13, MAM/AB/MAM


People hold banners during a protest against plans by US oil major Chevron to search for shale gas in Pungesti, 340 km (211 miles) northeast of Bucharest October 19, 2013.


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US spy agency 'taped millions of French calls'



The Local - 10/21/13, AFP/The Local


US spy agency 'taped millions of French calls'


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Moojiji~When Doubt and Confusion Arise

Video Link


Zmar Silent Retreat, Portugal, 12th September 2013, Session 1

"You are in pure harmony
but it is not to say you will not experience
moments of frustration, some resistance...."

The full DVD of this Satsang is available on the online shop: http://www.satsangshop.com/satsangs/5...
Song: 'Lokah Samastha', Sang by Samadhi, Omkara and Brahmi


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Breaking the Cycle of Lack ~ Aurora ~


Many individuals feel lost, or as if a change in direction is taking place. What is going on?

It is the final release of the inner thoughts of lack. So many people have been feeling like they are going through major change in life, or even as if they are stuck in a holding pattern. This is because you are at a time when you are ready to let go of all feelings of lack in your life. It can be lack of confidence lack of belief, lack of trust, or lack of worthiness.


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Méline ~ The I AM presence descending and the ego




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Earthquake Report for 10/22/2013




27 earthquakes


    5.2 6km E of Canmaya Diot, Philippines 2013-10-22 14:42:08 UTC-04:00 61.8 km

    4.9 East of the South Sandwich Islands 2013-10-22 13:21:43 UTC-04:00 20.2 km

    2.5 5km SW of Volcano, Hawaii 2013-10-22 12:42:45 UTC-04:00 2.9 km

    2.6 13km SE of Semisopochnoi Island, Alaska 2013-10-22 12:27:09 UTC-04:00 134.3 km


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Important ~BRAINWAVE CYCLES and The Incoming Energies~







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The Creator Writings - Suspending Disbelief



The Creator Writings



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The Moon Hippie Mystic - The Magician’s Secret…




October 22, 2013  The Moon Hippie Mystic

For Odet: We are so Grateful for your donation, my Friend.  It Created a Beautiful Opening for us on an energetic level in the “work” we are doing.  Feeling Blessed!


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Wake~Up & Laugh! Come Join Us Today! 1- 3pm Pacific






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Santiaguito volcano (Guatemala): increased lava effusion


Volcano Discovery Tuesday Oct 22, 2013 08:17 AM | BY: T

Santiaguito's Caliente lava dome yesterday morning

Santiaguito's Caliente lava dome yesterday morning


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Chat Session At 11 am Pacific/2 pm Eastern ~ ALL Are Welcome!



Please join us this afternoon!
ALL are welcome.



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El Salvador bans Monsanto’s glyphosate


Naturalnews, By: Rebecca Winters, 10/22/2013


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What The Cancer Industry Does Not Want You To Know About Chemotherapy and Radiation


Prevent Disease, By: Dave Mihalovic, 10/21/2013

WIKI - Cancer


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Close Encounters: Comet Ison


By: Julie Umpleby, 10/21/2013

Flickr - Comet Ison - UCL Mathematical and Physical Sciences

The space-weather community is abuzz with Comet Ison, dubbed by many as ‘The Comet of the Century’.  As it travels deeper into our solar system en route to a close encounter with our sun later in November there are many watching with intense interest.



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Inspiration for the Day from Shanta Gabriel - October 22, 2013




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Planetary Healing: GMOs - What's the Big Deal?


Lightworkers.org, By: L9qw, 10/22/2013

The following was written by Wes Annac for the ongoing “planetary healing” section of The Aquarius Paradigm Weekly Newsletter.



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8 Foods those who know about them won’t eat


Exopermaculture, By: Ann Kreilkamp, 10/22/2013

Back when I was a kid in Idaho, my boyfriend told me that the potatoes in his Dad’s fields were sprayed with poison, but that the poison dissolved before they were harvested — and yeah, I did wonder, for one teensy tiny second, is that true? But of course, that was the ’50s, when we didn’t question anything, not really. Not yet.



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