The Inter-Galactic/Inter-Universal Life Wave

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New Moon of Capricorn with Uranus going direct



The Inter-Galactic/Inter-Universal Life Wave


The Inter-Galactic/Inter-Universal Life Wave now entering the planetary system is the agent of the higher realms of life that are assisting the advancement of this planet as it joins the higher dimensional realms of creation.





The Massive Galactic Wave that is NOW approaching planet Earth even as we speak, that Galactic Wave is coming closer and closer.

And it is destined to raise the Consciousness all at one fell swoop as it swoops across the planet, as it spreads across the planet.

This tsunami of Galactic Wave will spread across the entire planet. And it will do so in a very short period of time.

So, every life form on the planet cannot help but feel the immense Consciousness that comes with this Wave, the great Shift of Consciousness that comes with this Wave.

And it all has been leading up to the culmination or the great Crescendo that Sananda has spoken of. We are nearing that Crescendo. . .


Be Happy in this NOW Moment and focus on raising Your Consciousness.