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By: Jena, 02/02/2014


When magical things happen in our lives, it is easy to think it is coming from outside of ourselves. But really, magic is who we are. We have just forgotten about it, covered it up, and ignored it. There are probably a lucky few out there who grew up knowing about this magic and learned about it from a young age. For the rest of us, we discover it as we reclaim our intuition and psychic abilities and/or dust off our physical bodies (cleanse) and/or refine our energy fields (or maybe none of the above) but we do find it. There are probably an infinite number of ways we find this essence again, but if we are destined to find it, we will. Magic and nature are inseparable; in nature you find magic. In yourself you will find magic. In fact, many adults attracted to magical things were simply magical children who temporarily lost touch with the magic.


Magical Immersion


For me it seems like the essence of magic has trickled in over the years. There were times I forgot about it, then times I felt strongly connected to it again. Overall though, it seems to gather strength as the years go on, kinda like a magic muscle getting stronger as it is used more. Then it becomes more of a flow than a trickle. As this essence graces your life, you may find you attract different things and/or change your surroundings to match the new energy. I found myself attracted to glittery and sparkly things of all sorts, flowery and nature related art (sometimes vintage and Victorian style), colors I had never liked before and more crystals seemed to  want me to take them home. The key is to find what looks and feels magical to you. If you can surround yourself little by little with things and colors that represent magic to you, it is like a mirror reflecting more magic back to you.


There are a number of magical sounds that can enhance your life. Wind chimes whose sounds touch your soul are an inexpensive way to add magic to your surroundings. Immerse yourself in magical music. Classical music can be very magical, aka “very fairy.” It is curious how some classical pieces sound like they were created by the nature spirits themselves. Some well known pieces are directly named after nature spirits, ie. Dance of the Sugar Plum Fairy. A Midsummer Night’s Dream has references to fairies. The soundtracks to the Harry Potter movies are very magical. Years ago, I had never seen a Harry Potter movie, but heard one of the songs on the radio and it immediately bewitched me. From there of course I had to see all the movies – another great way to get in the magic mode. Watch all the magical movies you can – Harry Potter, Narnia, Lord of the Rings, The Hobbit, Tinker Bell, Avatar, Merlin, King Arthur, etc. Or read the books. Also keep your ears open to songs wherever you go, ie. a restaurant, the grocery store, etc. Do they have a message for you? Listen to audios with the magical sounds of nature – dolphins, whales, birds, crickets, ocean, waterfalls, thunderstorms, etc.


Writing can get you in touch with your magic. When you begin to write, another part of you can tune into things that otherwise you would have never known. You become very present. It can help you connect the dots and find the deeper meanings of mundane events (since in reality they are not mundane). Journaling is a great way to document signs and synchronicities. I recommend keeping a journal the old fashioned way – real paper and a magical pen. Real paper and pens are in harmony with the Earth and natural magic.  And there are so many magical looking journals these days! Forget the sterile, lifeless computer journals. The energy of computers is in direct disharmony with natural magic. Some feel the internet and our technology is magical, and in some ways it is, but in very important ways it isn’t. Hopefully one day it will have that truly magical feel that it lacks.


Keep your eye on nature. Many peeps these days don’t realize the magic is all around them. Are you seeing the same animal, plant, food, etc. again and again? Write it down, study it, meditate on it to find out how they are helping you or what wisdom they can impart. Natural magic is a powerful force that is the key to all the magic. Spending time outdoors strengthens the connection.


Discover your magical foods and herbs. Is there a food that just “does it” for you? An herb you can’t live without? Last fall I had a new ally catch my eye – elderberry, a cold remedy. There were signs – I had seen it in a book, then saw elderberry syrup front and center in the grocery store. A few days later I started sneezing and ran directly for the elderberry syrup – of course I had to try it. Maybe I got sick on purpose so I could try it! I added it to peppermint tea, a classical herbal combination. There is much power (and wisdom) in the elderberry beyond it’s physical uses. According to Ted Andrews in his Enchantment of the Faerie Realm book, “It is the ideal tree spirit to connect with to awaken a renaissance with the faerie realm.” Now I’m wondering where it has been all my life. :) I took the syrup into work one day and my coworker asked what it was. When I told him, he said, “That sounds like something a wizard would take.” Maybe that’s what I’m going to be when I grow up!


I live my life listening to the wisdom of my body and giving it what it wants, so when it asked for cherry pie over the holiday season, I obliged. Overall I have removed sugar and white flour from my diet almost permanently. But when winter set in, there was this strong magical feeling about baked goods that came over me. It seems baking and nature spirits go hand in hand, but I’d have to muse on that for awhile. I’m not a dessert person in the least, yet around the holidays cherry pie was calling. At first I was feeling a bit guilty and not understanding why my body wanted it. Then I looked up the magical meanings of cherry and then dove in! What a delight it was and my body was ringing with happiness! Cherries are very fitting for Christmas and for love. Our alliance was short and sweet, one pie’s worth, but the magic of cherry lingers on. According to Ted, the cherry tree is home of the magical phoenix. The magical phoenix is a bird of alchemy – death and rebirth.


Scent is a great way to get into the magical vibe. Are there any scents that enchant you? I love pine for example, especially in the winter. Real pine scent is ideal, although faux scents still can be nice. Using essential oils or real plants simply brings more magic through the power of the plant than faux scents can. Mind as well heal while enjoying a great scent!


Connect with the Elements Daily


Connecting with the elements can help create magic quickly. Create a magical atmosphere with candles. Just like computers can’t compare to the magic of journals, electricity just doesn’t have the magic a candle has. Candles are in harmony with natural magic and electric lights simply aren’t the same. Some lights do have that magical effect to a degree, but if you are working with a magical element like fire, nothing compares. (Needless to say, proceed with caution with all candles). A few of my friends and I loved it when the power went out for hours a few years ago. Everything feels so much more calm and peaceful without electricity, cell towers and wifi whizzing through the air.


Put your feet or hands on the Earth to connect with the earth element. Breathe in the air to energize yourself with oxygen.


Listen to the gentle flow of a fountain or take a dip to connect to the water element.


Practice higher (magical) learning – energy healing, cosmology, alchemy, astrology, herbs, meditation, wizardry, psychic development, communication with nature, you name it. Our schools have stripped away the higher meaning of subjects and in some cases we were left with a highly processed, synthetically enriched, white bread version of education – mostly boring and meaningless. True higher learning is a higher energy level that is holistic and includes intuition. Magical learning can help turn on the passion for life and enrich our lives.


However you find the magic is perfect for you. Follow your heart, it is the magical guide.


To a life full of magic!





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Thank you for sharing this clarity. I am astounded by this magic enlightenment because I've been learning about the natural magic; candles had always been in my interest; I find nature beautiful and healing. I can go way back in 2009, I was in search of something, something I couldn't put my hands on. It was all about herbs and natural remedies for me; I spent the year hording books about herbs and flowers. Just about the natural beauty of Earth. Long story short, the deeper I searched the deeper my self discovery. I found the magic of love. Again, thank you for this enlightenment. Love and Peace to you.