Invite Magic Into Your Life

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By: Jena, 02/02/2014


When magical things happen in our lives, it is easy to think it is coming from outside of ourselves. But really, magic is who we are. We have just forgotten about it, covered it up, and ignored it. There are probably a lucky few out there who grew up knowing about this magic and learned about it from a young age. For the rest of us, we discover it as we reclaim our intuition and psychic abilities and/or dust off our physical bodies (cleanse) and/or refine our energy fields (or maybe none of the above) but we do find it. There are probably an infinite number of ways we find this essence again, but if we are destined to find it, we will. Magic and nature are inseparable; in nature you find magic. In yourself you will find magic. In fact, many adults attracted to magical things were simply magical children who temporarily lost touch with the magic.


Magical Immersion


New Evolutions...Magical!

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The Drums of New Awakened Souls have Come Alive

With the presence of True Divinity Entering

From the top of their heads in strands of Beautiful

Pearl White and Emerald Green Lights throughout

the rest of their Bodies perfectly.

Knowing that their whole selves were

Opening Up to Grace that is spreading

Easily through Everyone.

The Honey candle of Light surrendered into the Holy Ground of

Yesterday in the Evening’s moonlight.


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