Invocation Against Dark Forces

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Invocation Against Dark Forces

I don't remember how I came accross this meditation but I thought it should be shared here.


Oh, living light of love.
Oh, great and Holy Divine Mother
That IS the sweetness of life itself,
Come, come, come
Into the Earth plane as never before.

Come, O dear Cosmic Mother!
Enfold us all.
Take us all into your wondrous embrace.
Comfort us and give us the strength
And the bravery to be who we truly are -
Beings of Love, Forgiveness, Joy, and Laughter.

And, O Divine Mother,
Bring your broom and sweep clean the earth
Of all those who do not respect thee,
Of all those misguided children,
For they are your children as well,
Who have foolishly taken the Dark Path
Of domination, oppression, and the
Unbalanced manifestations of masculine energy.

Let the Feminine Ray arise!
Let the Feminine Ray be glorified.
Let the Feminine Ray come into ultimate power.
And may there be, now,
A very powerful Karmic readjustment on this planet,
On earth as it is in Heaven.

That all those who want to dominate others
Who want to oppress others,
Who want to punish others,
Who tend towards cruelty, malice, torture,
And all forms of such evil-doing,
Let these know the just judgment
Of the Lord God and his Minions of Light.

Let the Great Archangel Michael
Now swoop onto the earth
Bringing his numberless legions of angels
And wipe clean the earth
Of those who will not stop in their fighting
In their terrorism of others
And in their lies toward their brethren.

Let all the layers of Darkness be exposed
To the fullest light of truth.
And let all world leaders who are inclined to war,
Who are inclined to collaborate with those dark forces
That up to this point have controlled
The money and the power on this planet,
Let these be given a choice.

Dispatch Angels to them as they sleep,
Bright messengers that will awaken them
And say to them "You, who head the country,

The CHOICE is upon you now:
Shall you continue to be in the camp of these Dark Ones,
That would war and take and lie and kill?
For if so, you shall go down with them as well,
And quickly at that!

If you have the heart,
If you have the mind,
To see that this is not
The way of Light, Love, and Joy
And have the bravery to change your stance,
Do something of true worth for your country,
Then you will be a leader, indeed.

Otherwise, prepare to lose all that you have.
And that will, in all likelihood,
Include your physical life as well.
For there can be no further toleration
Of that Evil which delights in malice.

Now let the avalanche of Karma
Be released upon all those
Who will not even for the moment
Consider changing their hard-hearted
And hard-headed attitudes.

And may these be returned to the Spirit Realm
For they can be educated and re-programmed
For such things do not work,
Never have worked
And never shall work.

O Divine Mother, come personally.
Touch our hearts.
Enlighten us all that we might see
That TOLERANCE is beautiful.
But it does no good
When it is expended upon those
Who have no tolerance for anyone but themselves.

Let now the Lords of Karma
Move mightily and swiftly
And stop these who would
Perpetrate only further warfare
And manipulations of this population.

We call for the All Seeing Eye of God
To expose them on the media,
In front of everyone;
We call for the All Seeing Eye of God
To expose the sham that they are behind.

The facade that they have created
And all of that which occurred
Upon the 11th of September
Of the Year 2001
Which was not what it was portrayed to be.

Let there be an exposure now
From the very depths.
Let them ALL be shown
For precisely who and what they are --
Perpetrators of lies.

Those who are the reincarnated
Sons of Belial of Atlantis
And those who have come here from other planets
And have simply been handed the reins
By the so-called leaders of the countries of the earth plane.
Let there now be a sorting and a sifting,
Guided and directed by
The Great and Holy Master Jesus himself.

Let him bring his mighty sword and sever ties,
If necessary, familial ties,
That keep the truly sweet, forgiving, and innocent bound
To those who are inclined and prone to
Dominate, harm, lie, cheat, steal, oppress,
And do all those things
Which have nothing to do with the Christ.

And may the Great Lord Buddha,
Lord of the World also be ensconced in full glory,
Radiating his Golden Light of Wisdom
So that ALL rise and see clearly
How they have been lied to.

How they have been foolish
In trusting such as these!
How they need to have questioned
Authority wherever they found it!
And only when they could hear
Truth ringing in their own hearts
Would they have been justified
In being satisfied with such as these.

Let God's will be done in all matters,
And let the Judgment be swift,
Specifically upon all those who align themselves
With institutions such as the IRS
Which unjustly take monies
From those who need it most.

Let their charge now be this:
That we, the People of Earth,
NOW do charge institutions such as the IRS
With stealing food out of the mouths of children who need it,
With stealing food from the elderly
And those who cannot work,
And using it to create war and war-like machines.

We DEMAND that they be
Brought to account this very hour,
That they all be held accountable
For every drop of blood
For which they are responsible
And for every war they have ever instigated
Simply to generate money.

Let the Living God Almighty
Within each one of us RISE up as never before.
And be UNITED as a wall of fire
That burns, burns, burns
Right through their façade,
Right through their compounds,
Melting their computers,
Causing them, each one, to go running in fear.

For At Last,
The Lord of Righteousness
Is upon the doorstep
And demanding explanation
For their evil deeds and actions.

We will not tolerate it for one more second.
We demand Justice now.
Let them be the ones who are on the run and not we.
Let them be the ones who are now scattering,
Running to so many peaks,
Hiding from the ones
Who would bring them to their just end.

Let these things occur,
Now and forever more
Until the planet is as it was always meant to be:
A Garden of Beauty, a place of Love, Joy,
That terra might join her sisters and brothers
In the cosmic parade of planets liberated.

And may the Great and Holy Master Saint Germain,
The Lord of Freedom for the Earth,
Hurl his mighty Miracle Pouch into the governments
Of every single country that currently exists.
And consume with the Violet Flame all of that which is unrighteous,
Its causes, its cores, its seeds, its effects
And all its memories connected therewith.

Let God's will be done.
Let the Light of Freedom alone guide
This wondrous parade of light.
And may the Lords of Karma answer our call.
And once and for all bring us back to Love, Love, Love, and Love
So be it forever more.




Love and Light, As Above So Below.

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  Wow...Drat... I hate to



I hate to disappoint ya.


The Dark Forces is our "OTHER FAMILY"

The Archons are  in our genetic bloodlines..!

They are our other ancestors. Our Grandfathers and Grandmothers.

They gave us this reptilian brain.

Not only that,... we incarnated in their bloodlines.

and sometimes, we interbred with them too.


That is THE  why and how they can access us anytime .

The Law of Non-interference does not apply.

The Law of Contract does not apply.

The Law of Recission does not apply.

The Great AA Michael has no power to disconnect

us from them. 

They are us.


And they have done what they did because.. that is the

only way they know how to tell us that we have to be

together as family.


Just tellin' how it is..!








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We were just talking about

We were just talking about the Archons, and you are into these

LORDS of Freedom, Ascended Master this and that.. Like you have

a Lord and Master


About the Archons,... according to the Great Central Sun per

Karen Danrich..........the word archon was not used here, but these

are the  spiritual heirarchies we know from the beginning. co.htm


This is information ONLY. I am not telling you what to believe.

But it might be a good idea to wean ourselves from our "other relatives"

if we want to evolve to the Light.


Many of us are being claimed as part of the Kumara clan.

This one is hair-raising.






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