It Is Time For Humanity To Come Together

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Friends, as many reading this more than likely already know, for too long our world has been ‘under the influence’ of unfair governments and unjust laws. For too long many of us have simply accepted these governments and laws, but that time is swiftly coming to an end. Finally citizens of this world are waking up to the injustices occuring around them every day. Does anybody really still believe that this is the way Life was supposed to be lived? Does anybody still believe we are supposed to live in a world where all of the money is in the hands of the few who own everything, leaving the rest of us to struggle? We have slowly been manipulated into believing that this is how Life is supposed to be lived, and it gives me joy to report that We The People aren’t taking it anymore.

Look at all of the riots that have been ongoing. The controlled media will attempt to make you believe that those rioting are simply thugs looking for anarchy. For some this is true, but the majority of people rioting are doing so because they can’t take the deceit and unfairness any longer. For too long these people have never had a voice, never had a chance to stand up and have thier voices heard. Now they are getting that chance. The soveriegn citizens of this planet are beginning to proclaim our rights; to say that we aren’t going to take this anymore. It is time for all soveriegn citizens of this planet to do the same!

It is time for us all to come together, to join as one against these unjust governments and force them out of their positions of power. Only when we accept responsibility for this planet and each individual country will the injustices stop. Many will think I am too naive, thinking we can all join together as one on a planet where so much seperation and hate is so prevelant. Friends, this is not a naive goal. This is the goal we must reach if we are to heal this world, and achieve true freedom. So now, let us all join together as one planet of individual sovereign citizens. Let us all, as a collective, take back our freedom and our rights!!!

Much Love, Wes