Journey with us to the Himalayas in honor of Mother Earth!

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It was in answer to a cry of Love that we found ourselves here, willingly and in complete service to this beautiful Blue Planet named Earth. She became our Earthly Mother and has sustained our life here for many eons of time, even when we ourselves fell into darkness. She cries out to you again. Will you listen?


Journey To The Blue Flame Diamond Temple of the Will of God


The Will of God is the attribute of God that will take you all the way home through its divine grace. When you decide to make a real commitment to your ascension and to your spiritual journey you must be willing to pass the tests of surrender to Divine Will. God does not really want to test you. His love is unconditional. But when you are willing to surrender your will to the Will of God, the universe responds rather quickly to help you to achieve this goal. The minute you make a consistent commitment to your God Presence to totally surrender to the process, your Presence will guide you to the fastest and smoothest way possible to obtain the object of your desire, and literally opens the doors to “Everything”!

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