July 31st, 2019 - New Super Moon in Leo

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The energies leading up to this Leo Super New Moon has been quit chaotic, intense and in some instances almost/most volatile. We had 2 very intense and transformative Eclipse’s in July. We can see the powerful transformations, with a bit of chaos added in, and the changes happening all around us …. in our own lives and also the lives of all humanity around the World. All you have to do is turn on the news for a few minutes. The energies have been quit intense and are not easy for the body or the Earth to handle. When you add in 6 retrograde planets … you begin to have a feeling of low energy, no motivation, and no direction….which seems most common at this time. There is also a sense of emotional detachment…a feeling of being removed from reality. Just remember that the body is trying to embody a lot of intense, chaotic, transformative, and powerful energies. Time to rest, listen to your body and meditate on moving forward. It is almost like we are being asked to take all the insights we have receive and meditate on what has been put in our faces with these Eclipses…..and make a re-start! The happier and childlike innocence of the Leo energies now all around us....will help us start to “play” again. 
THIS LEO NEW MOON IS ALSO A SUPER MOON A Super Moon means that the Moon is very close to the Earth (this is called a Perigee Moon) and it therefore increases and intensifies the energies that we normally feel from a regular New Moon. A New Super Moon’s impact is real and profound. This Super New Moon will be affecting the water all over the Earth. You can see it’s effect with the Ocean tides. The tidal force of the extra-close New Moon and the Sun…work together to usher in extra-large tides where the variation in high and low tides is especially great.
THIS LEO NEW SUPER MOON IS ALSO REFERED TO AS A BLACK MOON…because it is the second of two New Moons in one calendar month! The first New Moon of July was the Solar Eclipse on July 2nd and this New Moon on July 31st marks the second New Moon of July! Although there is no major meaning astrologically to this second New Moon in a month (Black Moon)….it does give us the ability to do more meditating and manifesting on the things that were brought up into your conciseness during the transformative Ellipse’s of July…so you can think about the things that you need to move away from that are not vibrating where you are now vibrating. This includes not only within yourself….but also things within the World you are now living in. It is a powerful time to manifest and create through intentions and manifestations!
NEW MOONS MARK THE BEGINNING OF A NEW CYCLE New Moons are also the most spiritual and intuitive moons of the whole Lunar cycle. During the New Moon period….it is as if we are being blanketed in the darkest and most star filled mysteries of the nights. New Moons create a stillness in time…the dark of the night…mystically giving us the ability to easily travel back… and listen to our Souls message’s, while “seeing” all the new possibilities. It is a wonderful time to manifest, meditate and create! Each New Moon brings with it a down load of evolutionary energies that give us the knowledge to create a beautiful future
LEO IS THE “happy” energy, and it is about the “Big Heart”. The Heart, which is the new mind. The Heart is about Love. Leo is warm and generous…and those who embody the higher energies of Leo, come from the Heart. Spiritually, Leo is about living from one’s center, one’s Heart. The Leo Sun is the physical Heart and the Leo Moon is the emotional Heart! This New Moon in Leo is an opportunity for the physical Heart and the emotional Heart….to become one, and to open up fully…..as we move into and co-create the “New”.
LEO ENERGY IS ABOUT CREATING and your ability to create your future is extremely powerful at this New Moon. Remember that creativity isn’t just about art…..we can create in many different ways…..art is only one of those ways. Creating a memory…creating fun….using your innocence and curiosity to create joy! Creativity thrives on love and comes from our Heart. What creative changes in many areas, can you make this month? Especially centering on Love. The energies of this New Moon can also bring about increases in consciousness, confidence, and emotional healing. Leo energy can also take us on a journey of “Self Discovery”. Watch out for the grayer energies of Leo….those of entitlement, greatness and ego…..with this Leo New Moon ….as you don’t want to manifest those energies. Use the positive and inspiring energies of Leo, to bring about more love and creativity. Remember…Leo is also about the simplicity of childhood….honoring the child within you. It is time to play, have fun, be spontaneous, and fall in love all over again…… Listen to the wisdom of the child within you.
LEO IS ALSO THE SIGN OF KINGS AND QUEENS So as you are creating fun and are inviting your friends and family over…..be sure to extend good hospitality to all those Souls that are sent to you. This New Leo Moon is encouraging us to not only open our hearts, but to also make efforts to Follow our Hearts. Even if you have to take a risk or two. Let’s manifest and creatively surround both them and ourselves…..with the high energies of Leo! The Universe is making sure that we don’t miss the opportunity to have fun, be joyful, play and create, as we open up our Harts to all…… Lets also manifest and create a peaceful community…..a place, a world where we can be joyful. Meditate… Manifest and Listen!!
THIS LEO NEW MOON IS SITTING WITH VENUS and Venus is the Goddess of Love! This is like a big message from the Universe. We need Love and the Big Heart energy of Leo…..to bring the current energies into a higher form. Living from the heart…showing and sharing a little Love where ever you go is highlighted even more at this Super New Leo Moon. Relationships are a main focus at this Leo Super New Moon! With Venus sitting with the Leo New Moon…..it is a wonderful time to be in romance…to play, be like a child, and feel the bliss of romantic play while letting yourself feel the magic of the moment... surrounded by many Sparkles! It is time to create these feelings within your own life. With this Leo New Moon conjunct Venus….create the life you are dreaming of!
MERCURY TURNS RETROGRADE AT THIS NEW MOON. Wow….finally (as some would say) and at this Super New Moon. Time to speak truthfully within all relationships! Mercury (our voice, our mental flair, youth, writing etc) is in Cancer and Cancer is intuitive and emotional and nurturing an about family! It is bringing us even more insight….with the creative ability to share our intelligence through our “voice” in many ways. Mercury is also sitting with the North Node…indicating that the Soul of Humanity’s intent right now (as Mercury turns direct) is about speaking in a nurturing way…to everyone. Speak kindly…speak with integrity…speak for/too all Humanity in the same way. We are all one Family…..the Human Family!
URANUS IS SQUARING THIS LEO NEW MOON. Uranus’s energy is like lightning bolts coming from any direction. Like Earthquakes suddenly happening with no warning.etc. Uranus is saying…..things need to Change Now! With Uranus squaring (stress and friction energy and also a growth aspect) this Super New Moon…the Universe is asking for change in how and what and whom we Love. Who we share fun with and how we play. Uranus is like a wake-up call from the Universe. Uranus is the constant of change. It is inspiring and has a focus on the Tribe, the Community, and all Humanity! With Leo also being the sign of creativity. And with the Sun and Moon in Leo sitting with Venus (also the planet of creativity) being squared by Uranus (the genius energy and thinking outside the box)….expect creativity to be activated in almost an explosive manner….all over the World. Uranus also represents Freedom! It can give you the ability to move forward with courage and authenticity! Expect the unexpected! We need to meditate and manifest on this…..that the changes needed…..are done in good energy….Heart centered energy….loving energy….and in a peaceful manner.
JUPITER IS IN TRINE TO THIS NEW LEO MOON Jupiter is the planet of optimism, expansion, Joy, international travel, your belief system, higher knowledge and international law! It is about speaking your Truth. Jupiter trining this Super New Leo Moon….helps the changes and activations presented by Uranus squaring this New Moon. The Jupiter trine will softened them a bit and bring in some optimism and joyful energy. Making it easier to break through any resistance that Uranus square this Super New Leo Moon ..might bring up!
THE BACK DROP OF THIS LEO SUPER NEW MOON IS THE CARDINAL T-SQUARE involving the planets….. Pluto/Saturn/South Node…opposing Mercury and the North Node…being squared by Eris! Pluto/Saturn/South Node are still traveling together in Capricorn and will be throughout 2019 into 2020. This is a powerful conjunction that is very transformative….with a little hard work thrown in. Pluto…radical transformation towards evolution. Saturn the father figure…demanding integrity and respect along with the keeper of stability and all structures and ruling Capricorn. South Node in Capricorn….things that we…all governments worldwide, have not gotten right in the past…past lives. All 3…sitting in Capricorn which rules the Government, Military, Corporate America (and World Wide), stock market and all our structures.
This trio is also squaring Eris who’s energies are those of Chaos, discord, jealousy, competition, Wild Card etc. Then Forming a Cardinal T-Square with the North Node in Cancer (we are moving towards nurturing and caring for others (the Mother energy) conjunct Mercury (our voice, how and what we speak and teach) now direct. So the Universe is saying that we also need to speak and have passion for nurturing us all…everyone! The Universe is wanting us all….all Humanity….to take this action, when needed, in a peaceful way as we Nurture and Care for each other…we are all one!
This is a very transformative energy that can become a bit volatile and very chaotic at times! Pluto is the planet of transformation and Eris is the dwarf planet of Chaos, jealousy and competition. These 2 planets squaring (friction and stress) each other can accent the above energy of Uranus squaring this Super New Leo Moon! This is all happening during a Leo New Moon and the loving, happy, Heart energy of Leo is all around us….so again… grab a hold of those energies and….meditate on how you can manifest the needed changes we are experiencing in the most Loving and Peaceful way!
This configuration continues to put us on the path of accelerated evolution and radical change!
WITH THIS NEW MOON IN LEO …..which is a very creative sign….Let us use this power to make positive change….and manifest the future that we want to create for ourselves and for the world.
Thinking with the Heart….coming from the Heart is extremely important at this time!!
Again it can be a very challenging time for all of our relationships and the challenges can come from deep down in our Souls. The Universe is putting these things right in our faces…so we can’t miss the changes we need to make……rather we want to make them or not. Pay attention to how you feel or react around certain people, places or things…..listen to what you might hear. Whatever isn’t vibrating where you are right now….the Universe is asking you to distance from……in the kindest way possible. Surround yourself with people, places and things that make you feel happy, joyful, and optimistic. Surround yourself with those that give you the feeling of Joy and real Love!
This Leo New Moon reminds us that we are powerful creator’s…manifestos, and that we need to work with our passions.
Start something new….a new project….a new way of looking at things.. Move away from anything that puts out your Joy or Creativity. It is time to start measuring who you are and your success… by Love and Joy…. instead of physical things. Trust and follow your Heart!
Take time to play each day….use your creativity and enjoy what you create….socialize with others…..and let yourself feel love and then share it! Let the Divine Child that is still within you…shine through! Let yourself feel Joy. Meditate, and Manifest and create a wonderful/beautiful world for yourself and for all Humanity with this very powerful Heart centered Super New Leo Moon. Take time to embrace your childlike innocence and just let yourself…run, play, laugh, create, and Love!!!
These are the energies affecting all of humanity and the Earth. These energies also affect you individually, according to how they activate your own birth chart.
Learn how the energies activate your individual Birth Chart, through an Astrological Reading (my contact information is below). Knowing how the energies are affecting you personally, gives you the ability to make better choices, and use the energies in the highest way.
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