The Language is Love

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God said:

Yes, what I say matters. Intrinsically, what I vibrate matters more. What I vibrate and what I say are always one and the same.

You also speak, and you also vibrate. What you say and what you vibrate, may they also be the same. Your words and your vibration are to match. Now We speak of honesty and integrity. Be well-versed in these.

The same words you speak in Truth also vibrate at an equal frequency. The vibration is strong. When the words and True Meaning do not line up -- as in a fib, fabrication, exaggeration, excuse, or a straight-out lie – the vibration is weakened. When you speak less than your Truth, for whatever reason, you know what I mean, for you have experienced the hollowness of ungrounded unsubstantiated errant words.

Language is used in the world. Words are written and spoken in order to convey meaning. On the other hand, you receive vibrations with or without conscious grasp. You vibrate to vibrations regardless. You feel them, sense them, intuit them. You don’t need intellect in order to be embraced by higher vibration or disturbed by lower. Your intellect may not always accept what you sense. You may talk yourself out of what you pick up or, not wanting to deal with any discrepancy, you may glide past it as if it weren’t there.

On the level of feeling, you can know everything even when it is not clear to you. You can grasp quantum mechanics on a level deeper than thought. Somewhere within you, you are familiar with a great deal on a deeper level whether you consciously grasp this or not.

As a young child, you didn’t have to know the word for cold or the word for hot. You experienced what hot feels like, and you experienced what cold feels like. You knew hot and cold as you felt them. You knew hotter and colder. You may have experienced too hot and too cold as well.

As a young child, hot and cold were not theoretical for you, not at all. You experienced them. You had no confusion nor did anyone attempt to tell you otherwise.

Of course, sometimes in Life in the world, the faucet that said Cold could have borne the wrong handle that said Hot, and vice versa.

Note that in Heaven, the Language is Love. Contradiction and confusion exist in the world and not in Heaven.

In some cases, when you were a young child, others close to you and/or the world at large might have tried to convince you that their perception is correct and yours isn’t, and, so, the rafters of your own self-confidence were shaken.

A child’s perception is innocent. A child may not yet understand to look left and right before he crosses a street. He may not yet know that a knife is sharp.

On the other hand, a child knows he likes his friend next door who has just moved in and he wants to play with him. Perhaps the child’s mother decides to choose her child’s friends even as her child’s heart has already chosen. It could be that the child’s mother doesn’t like the new family next door. In any case, the mother might invalidate her child’s heart. The child cannot understand why he can’t play with his friend. Something is amiss. Something is untrue.

For the first time in his life, the child may feel that something is off kilter. Has he somehow been bad to like his friend? Why else would he be cut off so from his own Heart?

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