Like a Leaf on a Tree

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God said:

You have a tendency to see yourself as a heavyweight on Earth, that is, with gravity. You may even see yourself as a boxer in the ring or identify yourself as being thrown to the lions as in olden days in Rome. To be fearful, you have to have something to fear. This is hardly My Dream for you. There is no resemblance.

Fear is heavy, beloveds. Come into the Light and no longer trod. Walk lightly. Dance on air! What you truly are weighs nothing at all. Take a load off your feet. Walk on air, why not? Take Life in your stride. Look High. Feel yourself lightly connected to the Earth as a Leaf on a Tree. Discover that you are not so attached and not so laden with fear. You are not to hold on to fear. Fear is but a shadow.

You are made for Light, not shadow.

No matter what the Season, there is Light, and there is My Will for you. You remain a Diamond in My Heart. I never lose sight of you. I am your Guiding Light. It is not for you to clasp and grasp shadows. There is no bogeyman.

Even if you are in the Army, be at ease, soldier!

No need to duel with Life.

Let your Life be a chariot-ride with Me. Be assured that your Life has Meaning. There is nothing you have to prove. Allow Life to be a Walk in the Park. Be considerate of Life. Let the Moving Force of Life be your Beloved Life. Take a stand via your Light on Earth.

You don’t have to be heavy-handed. Be Light of Heart instead. What else is worthy of a Child of God?

Here today and gone tomorrow, what is the difference when, in fact, you are immortal? You are an Immortal. Of course, your body is the heaviest part of you. Your Soul is Lightness Itself. Your Soul is the Traveler. You have already won the Hit Parade. Your Soul is Exquisite in its Lightness. No baggage compartment for you. Light a candle to yourself. Introduce yourself to Courtliness.

Hold up your Heart before you. Feel your Connectedness to all the Stars, and, of course, the Sun and the Moon, and the Brightness of Love. The alleyway you go down is a Lover’s Lane. Love Life. Life is here for you. Let go of the idea that you can go down dark passages. Let the Call of the Galaxies be yours and the Call of the Seas. Whither goest thou but to Me along with Me arm in arm?

Most assuredly, you go nowhere without Me.

Where have you been? With Me.

Who accompanies you on Land or Sea? I do. I hold your hand. I clasp your hand in Mine. This is your Truth. You can only Skip-to-My Lou with Me. You are My Betrothed. You ever were. Never were you not.

We are One, yet We never go solo. We sail a solar craft made of the Sun’s rays. We go solar, no doubt, stabilized by the Light of the Sun and the Light of Our Very Love.

Whose Love is yours? Mine, of course.

Whose Love is Mine? Yours, of course. There is no other Love but the Divine. Divine art thou.

Who speaks for Me? You do.

Who answers to Me? You do.

How can this be when there is No One to ask and No One to answer? What kind of Partners are We? Only Oneness, Oneness forever and anon. There is no substitute. Despite what the world may tell you, Love is It. Love is the One and Only. Love fills the coffers of Earth. Love is what you are made of. No exceptions. You are what Love is made of.

You are Love, and I am your Cornerstone. See Me wherever you look, for you are made in My Image which means to say, you have Me imprinted on your Heart. You are a Seeker Who has found Yourself where you always were, right smack here with Me. As I am your Witness, so are You Mine.

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