A Leaf Would Still Fall

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God said:

Beloved, I invite One and All to join Me in the fullness of love. We are not even a hop, skip, and jump away. We already are One, once and for All in Infinity. This is the true state of affairs. Oneness is, and Oneness never was not. This has to be clarified only because of the insistence on the illusion of time in the extant world. Otherwise, the concept of fleeting would not exist. Time is rather roughshod in the world, and yet, as it is, the world depends upon time. The world even runs on tick-tock tick-tock.

Time is rather like slipping on a banana. You can count on time to slip you up. Time has no foundation to speak of. It’s possible that time may be a relative of ego. Ego contributes to urgency as eagerly as time does.

You have a solid foundation. You can’t see Me, yet here I am. Else why would it be said that in God you trust. And, even so, there are church bells that peal to remind you when it is time to adore Me.

There are no sands of time when it comes to Me. I am a Stand-Out. I stand in Oneness, and so do you. United forever are We as One. Infinite is beyond time. There is no bank of time. Permanent isn’t an impulse of time, you understand. Permanency doesn’t go by the clock. The world sets itself to the millisecond. Time may seem to stand still once in a while, yet illusive time is always on the move. You can’t really catch up to it. Time can only be imagined no matter how much time likes to look in the mirror and enforce itself. Sure, time can tie you up in knots.

Infinity is, and that’s it. Is-ness is. We can say that Being-ness has no use for time.

Time is paltry even as it pictures itself for all time. Time can be generous or stingy depending upon its mood. Infinity has nothing to do with time. Of course, Infinity is irrespective of time. There is never enough time in the world at large. Infinity doesn’t go in slow motion. Fast or slow are illusions of the greatest illusionist of all – that squirt, time – gets tripped up into himself.

Infinity has all the Silence that exists in Heaven. There are no clocks ticking in Heaven! Does not even the thought of time in Heaven make you smile?! Can you imagine My turning to look at a clock or My counting the minutes before blast-off? Can you imagine an alarm going off in Heaven and a fire department rushing to the rescue! What for?

My creating you had and has nothing to do with time. Only on Earth is time believed in. You lean on time when time is really of no consequence. On Earth, you count the days and years and lifetimes.

In Heaven, there is no time to set, and why would there be? What could its purpose be? Time pretends a reliability that it lacks. Without time on Earth, there would be no getting older or getting younger. Time lacks imagination. As it is, everyone on Earth counts on time. Time is like twiddling your thumbs. The illusion of time is problematic. Time and its counting of minutes, if time did exist, it sits in an incorrect arena in the first place and doesn’t exist anyway.

Time is really a con, a big con. Time gives the illusion that it settles down. What a con-artist time is. Time is the mother of all con artists. Without time, how could the Earth even think of running itself? Without time, I will bemusedly say that life will take its time, and how pleasant life will be un-harassed by time.

With or without a clock, a leaf would still fall.

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