Let the Flim-Flam Go - Heavenletters

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God said:

Are you with Me? Yes, you are. Do you always know you are with Me? No, you don’t always. And therein is the rub, for when you are aware, truly and deeply aware that We are One, then what can there be for you to worry about? Worry seems to be like a plague. I do not give plagues. I have other things to do.
Actually, I have other things to be than a plague-giver. I am the Doer, and, yet, I am very much the Be-er. Yes, I am a Singer and a Dancer, and I AM. Most importantly, I AM. I AM mainly Intransitive. My Very Being is Is-ness. There is far more to Me than striding across the Universe. This is also the same Truth of You, beloveds.
Of course, Earth, on the surface, is a Land of Doing. Yet, deep down, Earth is a Land of Being. There is a Deep Well filled with Still Waters. You are deep, beloveds. You are deeper than you presently let on to yourself. There is something in you that makes fun of yourself, denies yourself, ridicules yourself rather than honoring yourself. What is this lack of honor that you hold to? If you honor Me, honor yourself. Even if you do not honor Me, honor yourself. You are far more than what you make yourself out to be, this Being of Greatness Who huddles and hides in the world.
Let today be your debut. Stand tall and be as I created you. Unshackle yourself. Remove the bonds that bind. Look, it is all illusion this small stuff you have relegated and regimented yourself to. No longer sell your Self short. Do not sell yourself a bill of goods. It’s time now for you to reveal yourself to yourself. Yes, come out of the shadows. You are Something, beloveds. You are far more than you have allowed. There is a kind of pretense that goes on in the world as if you are playing a game called Dunces.
You are brilliant light. Brilliant Light is not a game. It is your very Being. Inform yourself. Declare your Self to your self. Come out of the shadows into the Bright Sunlight. No longer hide from the Brilliance. Come out from under the toadstool. In Truth, you are a Great Being. I do not flatter you. I do not curry your favor. I am giving you the straight goods. You are a Master of Creation. You are a Tribute to Myself. You are far more than someone who scurries around in life. Beloveds, you are Someone. You are My One.
I ask you to believe in your Holy Self. This does not make you a goody-goody. This makes you a Shining Being. It doesn’t make you a Shining Being actually, for you already are a Shining Being. This is your Natural State. This is not affectation. This is simplicity. This is simply Who You Are.
You are not all this nonsense you have taken yourself to be. Your arms may extend only so far, yet the Being of You, the fantastic Being of You, reaches Everywhere. Your realm is Vast. You are Vast. Vastness is, and you are One with Me. Now raise your sights. Begin to know the Glory that you were made to be and ARE. You are not insignificant. You are significant. You are essential to the Full Sunshine on Earth. Acknowledge to yourself the Blessing that you are, and be it. Take away the subterfuge. Fool yourself no longer. Recognize the Oneness that you are and have always been and have hidden from yourself. Let go of the flim-flam. Be.