Life in All Its Guises

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God said:

Beloved, come to Me in whatever capacity you desire most of all. What else can you do? Remember, there is a full-blooming capacity called Free Will. Your Free Will. Yours. Think of such a liberty. This is one of the greatest liberties in the whole wide world. Certainly, I don’t just fill Myself to the brim. I want everyone to be filled to the brim. How could I not?

Nor do I predict less for Myself than anyone else. Most assuredly, I don’t hold Myself back. Room at the Inn includes room for Me beyond a doubt. Anyway, as it is, We, you and I, share the same room on the same Earth.

I don’t see today as an occasional bonus day. Every day is a blockbuster sale! I don’t save things for remnant sales or anything like that.

I love beauty, and I love beauty to be shared. What better way than with everyone? Let’s share everything. Isn’t this the truth anyway? Isn’t this what We do? We all share the beautiful.

Much lies over the rainbow. And more also lies beyond pain in one form or another. Life in the world seems to be about matters of degree. Life may go this far or that far depending, and so life on Earth is identified as the relative. Next to this or next to that, relate to something else. Self-expression matters a whole lot to you.

How do you know this also isn’t great as it is? What is the idea that life, as it is, has to be improved in one way or another?

If Paradise exists, you want to be able to live here in it right now. Of course, this brings up pesky questions and disturbances.

You would like ideal, yet in a relative world, how can there be room for perfection, or does everything have to be perfect or what you like to think has to be perfect? From your point of view, naturally, you would like everything to be perfect. Why not? If the word perfect exists, why can’t you embrace what you like to with no holds barred?

At the same time, part of your nature does not want life to always be prettified.

You want some challenges. You don’t always want everything sanitized, as it were. Are you to only accommodate some of life and not all that God hath made? What is the value of life? If, in winter, your nose didn’t get cold, would that be a loss?

Cannot life just be life? Must everyone be stronger than life? You don’t aspire to be Pollyanna.

Nor are you all wrong, nor are you perfectly correct. Life isn’t structured just one way or another. And, then, you wind up with the addition of the idea that life is to be YOUR idea!

Yes, why not? Why not life any way you want it? Why not your pick of life and grapes? Life on the outside changes enough plenty.

Why not have life on the vine be more like what it wants to be? Isn’t this life of yours your biography? Who is supposed to tell your story, if not you? If this life is yours, well, then, it jolly well ought to be yours.

If it’s your surprise, okay, be surprised then too, yet it is your story to have the last word on. Yes, you have a yen for privilege.

Well, then, what about destiny? What guise is destiny to be under?

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