Life can be confusing at times

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It has been confusing at times to me and at times I do not know which way to go.  Do I stay here?  Do I go there?  What does the future bring because I really do not know.  At times I seek help and other times I want to do it alone, but the one thing that I do not wish to forget is the connection to my spiritual parents, Father/Mother God.  They are the ones who made it all possible for us to go through this grand experiment called life and ascension. 

My heart felt gratitude to them because they had to go through all this before we did so that they could understand the process.  They answered our call for help back when we knew we making choices that would destroy life as we know it on this beautiful planet.  Everyone alive at this grand time agreed that we wanted life to be simple, and all live in peace, love and harmony.  This time is now upon us. 

I am one of those that made that call even though I might have been very young at the time.  Peace, love and harmony and living as one with all of humanity regardless of where they live on this majestic planet has and still is a strong desire.  I am a Royal Angel just like every other person with a heart beat on this planet whether they know it or not. 

Wrong choices were made in the past and things of the world seemed so important but I made them no one else did.  The awakening process can and is strenuous for those of us who have gone through life forgetting who we really are which is love.  Even though I still have ego issues to release, I know on the other side of all of this there will be all that I have ever dreamed of and even more. 

A dear friend helped me learn compassion, compassion for those that are having a hard time because of conditions they will have a difficult time overcoming without a lot of work.  I cried when I realized how wrong I had been and I just did not understand.  I forgot that once again another royal angel was alive.  I know that the work of pulling out of all of this denseness that we have accepted as real must be done by each and every one of us.

My path has not been easy, as I am sure each and everyone who is alive is experiencing life in their own way, and in the manner they have chosen.  Just keeping putting one foot in front of the other and keep moving and never give up.  We are not here to be like anyone else, we can only be ourselves, our true selves which is love and by being love we are examples that will help others find their way back home which is heaven on earth. 

These energies are intense and loving all at the same time.  We are all going though this together and compassion is an important part of this process.  So is allowing, allowing ourselves to feel the pain as it comes into our view so it can be released and transmuted to love.  Just surrender in each and every moment to love and we will all experience eternal bliss.  The surrender is not easy either but oh so releasing when you just breakdown and say okay I am not in control anymore. 

I have a special tree in my back yard that has had a real workout lately.  I love that tree for the help that it has given me.  It is the strongest, most beautiful tree and so alive with the energies that flows through it.  Sometimes I hold onto that tree for dear life but it has never failed to be anything other than supportive and full of wisdom.  Yes many ego funerals have been conducted there and many more will probably occur there but the tree and I are getting stronger every moment.  The tree is an angel also, my own special angel and I thank Father/MotherGod for these gifts that they have given us so that we can return to our true selves.






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Thank you MomT, That was beauti-filled. Love you so!