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spiral of the galaxyAsking and Receiving on the Subject of Karma
A Download and Vision for the World To all Consciousness Ambassadors

I offer you a download and vision received in meditation in answer to the questions about karma. It begins in a question answer format in order to bring through information from beyond my own mind, from a higher source and perspective. It led to a fascinating vision for the world. 

Do you wish to share about karma?
Being in the stream of love releases the karma. Individuals, can see where they need to clear karma, on a personal level. What is that, what is karma? n the third dimensional regular world, Karma is the law of cause and effect in that your reap what you sow in life depending on your actions. We speak of the energy that karma is, in a form of multidimensionality, beyond linear definition as you have in the 3D world. We gift you a higher perspective from our stream of seeing. 

Pathways and Spirals: Love for the Self and Love for Other as a Metaphor

An image to explain - we see pathways as a spiral going inward and also going outward. To clear karma is to unblock of energy with others between forces that are polarized, between one and one, or many. What clears karma is to do good works, to serve and to love others as yourself. You can clear the pathways between yourself and others. The process is an internal thing, a shift in one's consciousness in which to see "the other" as a child of God, a part of God and having a right to exist.

The Importance of Compassion with Detachment

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Emotional Sensitivity is directly related to Compassion. What we must remember is that there are different types and levels of Compassion.

Compassion from the level of human existence is tied directly to our ability to be empathic. Very often emotional empaths have a difficult time in life until they learn to control their empathic abilities and gifts. I know I did.

Compassion from the human level is often overwhelming and brings us to tears and causes us to say “yes” to people in circumstances we usually would not. We do this because we “feel” other’s emotions and the emotional frequencies of everyone all around us, and it becomes easy to confuse the emotions we are “feeling” as our own.

The human heart radiates an electromagnetic field, and the interaction between the electromagnetic fields of human’s hearts affect our moods, attitudes, feelings and beliefs whether we are conscious of it or not. 

Just by going through our normal day, being in traffic, going to work, the grocery store, etc., we are constantly being bombarded with emotions that are not ours, and because we are not consciously focused on this knowledge, we fall into allowing the low vibrational frequency emotions of other’s dramas and personal issues to move into our energy fields, and soon we think what we are feeling is our own emotions, and very quickly it becomes too much to bare.

What transpires next is, we begin reacting and interacting with others in ways that create situations and personal dramas that fit with the emotions we have subconsciously taken on.

We also have to remember that when we say “yes” to helping others beyond what is productive and beneficial for their personal growth, we are not doing it for them, although we think we are; We are doing it for our self. We are doing it because the pain is too much to tolerate and we will do anything to make it stop.

Life can be confusing at times

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It has been confusing at times to me and at times I do not know which way to go.  Do I stay here?  Do I go there?  What does the future bring because I really do not know.  At times I seek help and other times I want to do it alone, but the one thing that I do not wish to forget is the connection to my spiritual parents, Father/Mother God.  They are the ones who made it all possible for us to go through this grand experiment called life and ascension. 

My heart felt gratitude to them because they had to go through all this before we did so that they could understand the process.  They answered our call for help back when we knew we making choices that would destroy life as we know it on this beautiful planet.  Everyone alive at this grand time agreed that we wanted life to be simple, and all live in peace, love and harmony.  This time is now upon us. 

I am one of those that made that call even though I might have been very young at the time.  Peace, love and harmony and living as one with all of humanity regardless of where they live on this majestic planet has and still is a strong desire.  I am a Royal Angel just like every other person with a heart beat on this planet whether they know it or not. 

Visionkeeper - Keep Reaching…

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One World Rising Posted on

Music to read by below:

We must never stop reaching for what we want. We have everything available to us to live our lives exactly as we want them to be, so never stop reaching for the next thing you choose to be or do. What you can create in your mind can be yours if you strive for it and believe in it. Just like wishing for a peaceful world. We can create it with our minds and hearts and intentions. We were created by source where nothing is ever lacking therefore we are never lacking except in our own minds. Reach high and think big, it is all there for the taking if we desire. Too many forget to keep reaching and dreaming or else they have just plain given up. What you must realize is that no, you won’t get to live your dreams in the 3D drama of the darklands. You must wiggle free of the illusion and free yourself before you can begin to manifest your dreams, unless of course you dream of war and death and destruction.

Archangel Zadkiel: Your Heart Is The True Power In Your Life. Allow It To Lead The Way ~ Channeled Through Fran Zepeda ~ July 14, 2013

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Archangel Zadkiel:


Hello dear ones, I AM Archangel Zadkiel. I wish to give a message today to all you children of the Galactic Sun, purveyors of Peace and holders of Love.

My dear ones, much is afoot. Much is behind the scenes waiting to burst open and I am here to help you decipher it and to receive it into your hearts as truth.

See yourselves for who you are now, dear ones. Hold that dear to your hearts and move forward with it into the sunlight of truth, that all-pervading air and breath of truth. For the time is now to receive it fully from within and hold it as sacred ever more. Hold it and see it clearly now, dear ones.

I am here to help you clarify for yourselves what is true for yourselves once and for all. Listen closely to your heart now and I will help you hear it more clearly. Let nothing else invade or pervade the clarity that is sitting there.

How To Love Yourself

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How to love yourself? Be in the moment, be happy for who you are and what you have. Widen your perspective outside your comfort

zone, allow yourself to grow. Realize everything happens for a reason and life is an opportunity to better yourself. There are no right and wrongs, there just is. Be compassionate to yourself. There is a quote that I believe sums it up by Judith Dagley that I try to read every day:

“Practice Compassion Within, because withing you is where you must set the template for everything you see reflected around you. Be the diamond you are, value it.”

Weekly Tarot Reading ~ April 1 - April 7

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This week, I got some guidance toward the colors of the energies that we’ll be immersed in this coming week. This is the first time that this has happened and I’m still trying to integrate it into the readings, so if you have any questions just let me know.

Some days have a rather short reading, but I get the feeling that a lot of this week’s energy has to do with the decisions we make on a daily basis. Nothing is “set in stone” so to speak until we actually take the first steps on the path we choose to make. Make a conscious effort to set aside time each day to be still and get in touch with your heart center. The information and knowing that comes through this center is very valuable at this moment.

Along those lines, energy is fluid, so the specific influences of the cards may be felt prior to and in the days after the card is pulled for. This is especially true for Major Arcana cards, signified by a capital M in parenthesis. Reversed cards are signified with an R in parentheses. If a card is reversed, it means that its energy has not fully manifested yet. This week, we seem to be building to a crescendo of energies which arrive on Saturday.

The theme for this week seems to be balance.


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