Life Force Energy Transmitters? can we revive humans out of COMA??

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Developed by vedic research  and innovations,it is called Tesla Purple Energy Healing and REVIVING Plates.

REVIVING because it can REVIVE an INJURED, Grounded and UNCONSCIOUS birds within a fraction of a second.



World Wide, Tesla Purple Energy Plates are developed by these THREE.

 1- EIP USA, 

2- Swiss Tesla Plates,

 3-Vedic Research and innovations, INDIA.

They all claim that these are loaded and transfer life force energy to the user.

Only we have successfully demonstrted thar Life Force Energy can be TRANSFERRED

 by REVIVING injured and UNCONSCIOUS Birds within a SECOND.

It is actually Reviving,Energising and Healing in one go, as they fly off within a second.

A larger plate about 15 x 45 inches might do wonders with people in COMA for a LONG TIME after Life Threatening Accidents.This is an extension of "if Birds can be revived out of unconscious state, what's holding humans back.


This could be the answer to Endangered Bees,etc

These Plates work because their VIBRATORY FREQUENCY of these Plates is in TANDEM with V F of Life Force Energy.

Sir, There is no such GOVT BODY in India or elsewhere which can duly verify the Free Energy Products, like ours. We need funds but Indian Banks are unaware of any such products.


These LIFE FORCE ENERGY TRANSMIITING plates can be used to increase production in AGRICULTURE, Honey and EGGS Industries apart from Medical fields.At moment they are sold as Body and Food Energiser, Pain Reliever and as a Guard against Electrio Magnetic Radiation.





Tesla Purple Energy Healing and Reviving Plates are loaded with Life Force Energy[ Prana ] and transmits the same to the user ??

During summers lot of birds/bees gets immobilized due to lack of water, injuries, accidents, Live Electric Cables, Radiation, dehydration,etc etc and die within 5- 15 minutes. The veterinary says they hardly survive even if timely medicines are provided, and even if they do, they take DAYS to fly off. These purple energy plates help revive the DYING birds/bees and they fly off within a SECOND. You only have to keep the injured bird on the Purple Plate feet on purple plate