Life Teaches You to Open Your Heart

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God said:

You are to respect everyone on Earth. Respect does not mean feeling sorry for someone. Feeling sorry for someone isn’t respect whatsoever. Who are you to feel sorry for someone? Who are you to feel superior to anyone else? It is not for you to feel superior to anyone. Think well of yourself and be a blessing. Do not knock anyone. Do not mock anyone. Not once more.

Never again do I want to see you make fun of another and his way of life. I have seen you sneer at some others on occasion. I have seen you make a face behind someone’s back. No, this is not My desire for you, nor is it desirable from any angle. There is no justifying this manner of mocking or being condescending to another human being who, like you, struggles on Earth. This is not to your credit. You are not here on Earth to belittle even one person. Mocking makes you less.

You are here to be cordial and cheering to everyone on Earth. This goes for political candidates and for all those who are no longer physically on Earth. How can you demean anyone and think you are a crackerjack to do this? Do not pick apart anyone else's life. It belongs to them. It is their life. Do not degrade yourself. Do not degrade another.

If you cannot love everyone right now, I understand. I understand you may feel stand-offish. To lower yourself to the degree of picking on someone and diminishing their Selfhood – no more. Never again.

If this has been a habit of yours to even see someone you don't know on the street and poke your friend walking by your side to look because you see a deficit in how the person is dressed or how the person is maimed or living in his own world, stop now.

If you have only done this once in your life, never do it again. What have you been thinking? Of course, you have not been thinking.

If you cannot find it within yourself to cheer someone on, the least you can do is to say nothing. Some thoughts you want to keep to yourself. If you have unkindly thoughts, change your mind. At the very least, do not share your sense of superiority with anyone, for you demean the world, and you demean yourself.

Do not think you are superior. You may be luckier in that you have nicer clothes. You may have riches. You may have a perfect figure. Enjoy what you have. Never make anyone less than a child of God.

You can't possibly know why you have spotted this person. You don't know the reasons for his being on Earth. He may not know his reasons. He may be serving a greater purpose than you. He most certainly does if you mock him.

Let Me tell you this. Someone you see as laughable for the way he presents himself to the world is a great teacher for you. It could be he is teaching you to open your heart. And if you feel pity for him, he has no need for a display of your pity. He has need of your looking him in the eye and regarding him as a fellow human being.

There is an expression in the world: "There go I but for the grace of God." This statement is understandable, yet it also hints at a sense of superiority. Dear Ones, in the first place, you do not always know what is the Grace of God.

In any case, I am asking you who read My Words to be the Grace of God.

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