Limpid, Splendid Quietness

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It's truly unreal. This little virus did what no government could nor military or even great economic powers. It has brought the world back to a standstill, long enough to catch our breaths and recalibrate our lives. What shall we do? What shall we do?

Cars are not speeding anymore on our street. The skies are nicely quiet. There are no jet trails anymore. Just limpid splendid quietness. The occasional one to two-propeller aircraft buzzes. That's it. The once a day rare occasion jetliner roars above, maybe once. That's it. 747s are retired after 50 years of gracing the skies. It's sad for me. I first started flying in them since the mid-70s. 707 and DC8 have long gone but the 747 is something else. It's the one easily recognizable for almost anyone. It's the Queen of the Skies, never eclipsed by the A380. And it's now gone, turning a passage on our aviation history.

And with that, I'm happy. The serenity that is palpable in the street in undeniable. People are mellow. They're nice to talk to. They engage, from far but the engage nonetheless.

Will it last?

I hope so. It's really up to us to say: "Stop. Enough is enough. Non-serviam. I will not be your slave. I will not worship the faceless economy God anymore." It's really up to us to say once and for all, enough is now enough. I am my own person and acknowledge my healthy needs above all. If not, how else can I give the best of myself?