The Long Term Possibilities Following Disclosure

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This disclosure team is wanting to develop the long term possibilities of this disclosure for the maximum benefit of the planet.  

And they are wanting to involve many people in this long term development.



The Long Term Possibilities Following Disclosure



The long term possibilities following this disclosure are part of the operational considerations of the disclosure team, as it is important to plan for the immediate consequences of this disclosure from the perspective of its results to the welfare of current and long term planetary affairs.


The first long term possibility is that many of these undisclosed technologies are suitable to be adapted to the betterment of the entire planet.  And it is important to plan for the transition of these facilities to the public administration.


Another long term possibility is that the ET presences may be shifted to involve benign ETs who can be of value to the improvement of life here, and are able to be advisors and facilitators concerning the opening of other ET interactions.


The improvement of life here can be very much accelerated by the use of technologies from highly advanced ETs who are interested in providing us with appropriate assistance and oversight.


Here's the latest from the insider disclosure team ~

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Very high ETs from Mount Shasta have joined in this preparation for total disclosure by insiders, and they are now working to prepare us for the opening which will occur once this takes place, which I think may be by the end of this month....
They are upgrading our light bodies to be better conveyors of higher level ET forces which they are about to send to us to upgrade our evolution, and to expand into the greater population....
This pending disclosure is being integrated with the planetary starseed/lightworker movement towards ascension and ascended spacelife creation and civilization to quickly uplift the entire planet....
Many more lightworkers will be able to receive communications and have the abilities to interact with higher dimensional ETs and their beneficial forces.