Looking into a Mirror of Truth - Heavenletters

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God said:

There is no finality to your life, though often you may think so. When you are going through a rough time, you may feel that this is all there is. On Earth, you weather the hard times, and good times return and flow in and out. Everything is in flux in the extant world. You are, and your life is. Just as a sunrise changes before your eyes every minute, so do you. Beautiful is the sunrise, even as it progresses swiftly. What is not changing in the outer world? And your surface changes rapidly as well.
You have what are called moods, and your moods can switch at the drop of a hat. And yet there is that seed within you that knows only of the stability of My love and the inordinate gifts I give to you. You are a miracle walking. You are simply a miracle. You are a miracle in the world, and you are a miracle in Heaven as you spread the Brightness of your Being.
You have always wanted a miracle, and now I tell you that you are your own miracle. You are what you have been waiting for. A release from bondage is what you have been waiting for. There is a deep well within you, and now that deep well is bursting forth, and the world is also extending itself to what it was made for. You first, and then the world, almost in tandem, beloveds.
Nothing is over, you understand. Nothing is finished. There are many delightful surprises approaching you, on their way to you. You may be knocked over at the wonders that are on their way to you. Enjoy the anticipation now. Why not anticipate? Have you sometimes thought that complaining is the sure way for good to surprise you? Hardly. In any case, you will be surprised. Start looking forward to the demise of disappointment. You won’t be disappointed to receive blessings. Turn in your old thoughts of danger hovering over you and welcome all the goodness that belongs to you.
A new world is a-coming and a new you is a-coming. I say a new you. Not really new. Rather the you you have always been yet not recognized. You never really wanted to get your hopes up, hopes that you could truly be a magnificent Being, and so you looked down, as if you had been downtrodden. Look again. Look anew. The realization of who you really are is sneaking up on you. Realization has been tiptoeing up. Realization of your Self is about to pounce. You will be caught up in a new understanding. You will be clear-sighted. You won’t listen very much anymore to voices, past or present, exterior or interior, that didn’t see the Truth about you at all. Others’ voices didn’t have a clue as to their own worth let alone yours.
Now you are beginning to look up. You are lifting your eyes, and, so, you will see higher. You will be looking in the right places. You will be looking into a Mirror of Truth. No longer will you be blinded by the Bright Light you are. I announce you as bright light. You have never been dim. It’s just that you and the world thought so. The world thought less of itself, and, therefore, less of you. It could be accurate to say that you have been pressed down all your life, weighed down. How could the world have understood you when it lacked vision and wisdom? Everyone was mistaken, do you understand? No one wanted to go against the tide. You didn’t want to rock the boat. Now you are simply going to rock! You are getting the beat of life. Good for you. Your time has come. Self-Realization has a head start.