The Loon Laughs

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We have chosen by decree of Pre-sent awareness that we must continue to pave the exemplary road forward for Whole spectrum forgiveness while facing the barriers that probe our inhibitions.


Coming into duality has been and will be looked back on as the most courageous assignment a Soul can take on. And for this reason the reward is bountiful. We must be pacifist warriors of the Most High order of compassion during our time/space journey. If an opportunity arises and you know it will and has where you are angry, jealous, bitter, hostile or any other low vibrational charge against someone who has wronged you for what seems like valid reasons, then for the love of the light within you demonstrate to these soon to enlightened ones how it is we as Way Showers can transmute dense energies into what can be felt as the end of drama. In other words the end of drama comes about by becoming Vibrationally Unconditional as love’s belly in the misty field of corruption. To embody the speed of light is not all that difficult. Just know that you are rapid in your approach to redeem the fallen fields of those who come before you. Be who they will become so they then entrain. The speed of light informs confusion on the cellular level to re-chord in an organized fashion.


Here’s the thing that you probably already know about these soon to be enlightened individuals. They do not know how to use the power of Love’s Light to heal division primarily because they are looking from the outside in and so they only see the masked loon which scares them into wanting to silence the shame of xenophobia. They both intentionally and unintentionally choose to stand in the way of unity by being only who they know how to be. They in most cases are waiting for we who know how to radiate a clear thought stream stretched outward from what has been ordained within as harmonious bliss.


The bliss comes from laughing instead of hiding in shame after accepting that we are that loon, but what a lovable loon, especially when we can smile through hell fire with the power of humility of knowing the loon is friendly when tamed under grace. (By the way the loon is the ego)


Compassion is needed here for these Souls who have in some cases never learned how to stand on heaven’s shoulders. They have never learned how it is possible to use alchemy productively or of the gifts bestowed upon the forgiver and forgiven that leads to happiness for all regardless of class type.  They need us more than ever to show them by being the show that leads their way. Forgive them or else they will have no path of sight to gaze within to forgive themselves for what they knew not or didn’t know how to know.


Standing up and saying I forgive you for the rape of this planet. Saying I forgive you for standing in the way of a higher consciousness to unfold in order to bridge the mainstream so that we can awaken in mass. I forgive you and I love you regardless is what we must shower these lost pieces of love with now and always.