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I Love You This Much – Part 2

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I Love You This Much


I Love You to remind you to Love yourself when you decide to embody fear so to dominate me and everyone else you decide you want to deeply hurt.


I Love You so much that I choose to be a pacifist for the sole purpose to bring you the image you so desperately seek of the you that hides behind all these aggressive tendencies.


I Love You when I open my heart for the first time to only be shunned and mocked in return.


I Love You when I divulge my inner most feelings to you in hopes that you will finally understand who I am but instead you refuse to hear me out and then call me strange.


I Love You to encourage you to remember where your heart is when you tell me I am a waste of space and that I should drop dead.


I Love You and respect your decision to not Love me back.

I Love your ability to be who you believe you are even when that may be detrimental to me and others.

The Forgiveness Dialogues Series 02 – I Forgive You So That I Can Be Forgiven

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I Forgive You when you interrupt me, cut me off in traffic, or come against me when I am in high spirits.





I Am Forgiven when I am impatient, anxious, and selfish to another as now I see that those reactions are born in me and is up to me alone to take full responsibility for what comes out of me even when everyone around me is lashing out against me; it still is my decision to respond in haste or with a fire extinguisher.


I Forgive You when you slam doors in my face, yell obscenities at me, and diminish my self-esteem as now I have realized that I am my own keeper of empowered resolve. My self-esteem is impervious toward your actions because I know I am rich with humanity.


I Am Forgiven when I become frustrated when communing with others; When I bring others into blindness I am so alone in that moment that I feel helpless and so I attack all those around me so to feel better about my lonesome status in life. I see now I must ask for a helping hand to heal these wounds. Thank you for being patient with my lack of understanding.


I Forgive You when you verbally and physically abuse me on a daily basis because you see me as your only hope for survival.


I Love You This Much

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What if I loved you This Much




What if I loved you until tears cracked your resolve that says No

What if I loved you until you ascended on Heart’s High Note

What if I loved you and didn’t even know you

What if I didn’t need to ever know you to love your potential for Tenderness

What if I loved you because I believe in you that much

What if I loved you to show you who reflects when you smile

What if I loved you because when I see you I feel my insides burst from recognizing themselves in you and choosing to celebrate

What if I loved you because that’s all I know how to do and all drugs combined could not compare to the high the love I feel for you

What if I loved you inside and spoke to you in your own voice

What if I loved you and walked with you and whispered to you every time you were in need of acceptance

What if I loved you and didn’t stop even when you hated me back and told me to go the other way

What if I decided I would not leave you and gave you the feeling of warmth every time you desired the decoding of Pain

The Forgiveness Dialogues Series 01 – Forgiving Love’s Refuse

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There are countless scenarios that take place for everyone who lives in virtual duality reality, involving Love’s refuse that by decree for the need to clear find us in the middle of.


Virtual duality reality is meant to bring the initiate before a stage that permits the aching of a being without fullness into perspective. This game if you will was not meant to be riddled with insensitivity and coldness for what we all must endure. When we are attacked by another for one reason or another the game is not lost or won. The idea here is to realize this reality is such in the midst of hurting and then forgive all involved. Bringing our feelings into the paradoxical center is designed for the purpose of encountering arrows and finding strength to persevere forward. We are all knocked down during our lives and if we weren’t the game would not have purpose.  


Walking through fire while blazes are high and not feeling the pain is the outcome meant for us all to reach after the sandpaper smoothes from rubbing together enough times.


The Peoplehood of this surface world in essence are here to transform the physical dimension into the great dodger with forgiveness as our pacifist sword. Gaia and her inhabitants when awake know that strength is not won by being sidelined but rather getting the call to take to the labor aspect of creation. True strength is getting brought to the lowest denominator but while there finding the key to transmute so that fallen fields brought about over time affected by this very pain can heal with you leading the way.


The Loon Laughs

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We have chosen by decree of Pre-sent awareness that we must continue to pave the exemplary road forward for Whole spectrum forgiveness while facing the barriers that probe our inhibitions.


Coming into duality has been and will be looked back on as the most courageous assignment a Soul can take on. And for this reason the reward is bountiful. We must be pacifist warriors of the Most High order of compassion during our time/space journey. If an opportunity arises and you know it will and has where you are angry, jealous, bitter, hostile or any other low vibrational charge against someone who has wronged you for what seems like valid reasons, then for the love of the light within you demonstrate to these soon to enlightened ones how it is we as Way Showers can transmute dense energies into what can be felt as the end of drama. In other words the end of drama comes about by becoming Vibrationally Unconditional as love’s belly in the misty field of corruption. To embody the speed of light is not all that difficult. Just know that you are rapid in your approach to redeem the fallen fields of those who come before you. Be who they will become so they then entrain. The speed of light informs confusion on the cellular level to re-chord in an organized fashion.


Poem of the Leavening Heart

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Endeavor to fill leavening tides of proclaimed somethingness

Calling out to Be-ing of great lasting endorphins

Incredulous sands prolapsing before starting

Courage step toward me dearest chord

Arising doubts streamlining past attempts

Will the abandonment follow me into open fields?

Is happiness possible in such grim circumstances?

Where has Love gone, where has empathy strayed?

Finding trust again through forgotten friendship

How have I gone so long without you and not noticed it was you all this time I needed most

Re-membering Our Limbs

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Ascension resulted when Re-membered were the limbs. Re-membered as they once were in the wholeness of presence.


Our spiritual limbs became disconnected as disorganization fell onto the floor so to speak of our once great Body. For long now we have gone without, desperately seeking what will bring us back to the ecstatic state. Thus we moved to the surface world to one day find our lost inner voice to re-engage our magic. The Surf if ripe and the board no longer needed as we have Re-membered our way back to ripeness in order to mutate into the Surf of brilliance.


We all have recalled at some point what wholeness feels like, even those who are not Star seeded can honestly admit they have a yearning for what brings them higher in emotionality.


We are in essence bringing in the Re-membering of limbs to our surface world so that at some point We as a collective can have complete clearance to the inner sanctum we came from. This is initiated by each of us and then brought together from within to without. But it shows up within first.


Bringing in the Light requires only Re-membering that you are the Light. Bring in your central force by opening your arms, speaking your peace, adjusting your microphone so that all can hear what it is that you’re perfect heart muscle has to say.


The disconnection of emotion coming together is the result of growing awareness that brings the unseen into focus showing up as presence. A sort of smoothness enters the room from which confusion then charms into elevated acceptance of what is here and now.


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