LOVE IS.....

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I am enjoying some Pu-erh tea, while basking in the warm, afternoon sun. An Alan Watts lecture is playing. Emanon (no name) came and joined me. LOVE IS....... Like so many others, I spent many years of my life searching for it, only to discover that it was within me all along. I AM Love and so is every person on this planet. It is our own individual choice to allow that love to flow out into the world or remain chained to our ignorance and fear. I believe our animals are mirrors that reflect who we really are. This can help us to let go of the false beliefs of who we think we are. All of nature is willing to show us if we are ready to slow down and see with our hearts.

It's been a long road getting from there to Here. It's been a long time, with so many tears that's been shed. I did not believe I would make it, but I am here Now. Yes, it may sound trite, but I have no regrets and nothing is missing in my life. I am here and I am telling you that it is REAL. The road I walked was rough, but it needed to be. I, like so many others, was so busy trying to get to a preconceived destination. Now that I understand that there is no destination to get to, I AM enjoying the journey.

Yes, there may still be challenges ahead, but....they are opportunities for we let go of our fears, guilt and blame, our lives become richer and more fulfilling.