Love is Life

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God said:

Beloved – of course, Yes, Yes, you are My Beloved. Let’s clear the slate. Own up to your accepted place in My heart. You have no other choice. It is not only sometimes that you are featured in My heart. It is all the time, love around the clock.

Set your heart to Mine without further ado. Our rapport is a given. Without Oneness, love would be beating about the bush. I don’t only declare you as My Beloved. I swear you are My Beloved once and for all. Not sometimes, not only often, not mostly, but once and for all.

I raise my right hand, and Oneness is swept up in love for all the world to applaud. One good fortune you have is that love is good.

I hold hands with Oneness altogether, and so do you. Never doubt love for even one bewildering moment. Once and for all, Oneness is permanent – lock, stock, and barrel.

Yes, Oneness, One Heart beats. Love is. Oneness is. Life is. One pulse of love beyond a shadow of a doubt – this is love. Doubt is not love. Love is, and never was not. Love and life go together. Love is tried and true. Love doesn’t just linger. Love is the high point.

All the fuss in life is wayward. Your belief system may be derelict. Once a derelict is too much. You have entered My heart. Oneness is more than a happenstance. It is the content of life.

Love is known. There is no existence without love abounding. Call a halt to dissension from love.

Oneness is the foundation of life. You cannot miss out on Oneness. Oneness is tried and true. This is Eternity. There is no severance from love. Love is known. Lean back into love once and for all. Give up distracting your so-called individuality from its train track of love. Love is a given. There is no going away from love. Stay on the straight and narrow of love. You are My Heir to love and to nothing less.

Your DNA is love. Your DNA is not loveless. Lovelessness does not factor into life. Love is the sole purpose of life. Love is life.

Consider this: You are the sole purpose to which I am dedicated. I am the God of Love, and so are you the extension of My love. You are smack in the center of My love. You are My love. You are My Beloved, and I AM yours. This is Oneness once and for all.

What else can love be but true? Love is the only True there is.

Anything other than love is falsehood. Burst into love. Love is all.

Love songs are sung for a reason. There is nothing but love to sing out. Let Me hear you sing out love loud and strong. Why on earth would less than love seem to pursue you day in and day out? I will not have it otherwise. Let love catch in your throat. Do not let resentment build smoke-fires. Let resentment fizzle out once and for all for all time. Time and resentment are not at all the substance of life. Be done with them. Don’t start with them.

Stop wasting this nonentity called time. Drop the pretense of non-love in its tracks. Love is firmly set. Love is King. Love is Queen. There is naught but love, so help Me God.

Love is the treasury. Nothing else is. Love alone is. Naught else but love climbs aboard. Love is true. Love from your heart is true. Love alone is the true existence of life. Follow love. Love is the True Goods.

And that’s it.

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