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Do you think that it does matter to Julian Assanage that he is wrongfully accused, and put in prison, based on Swedish dropped charges from couple months ago?


Do you feel that this act of imprisoning Julian opens the door to finally expose real criminals in our Global Society? Can you guess whom I am refereeing to?


Do you believe that Julian knew from day one when WikiLeaks was open for public, and start opening publics eyes that this is one of the final steps that He will make them DO? Put him in jail simply because they control legal and media at present time?

What is happening when this one sided balance is overturned, and when People of the World through Internet decide, simply decide that this hypocrisy and deception is like an old shoe, with a lot of holes? And People just throw this old shoe over their spiritual shoulders?


We could expect some of the new cables see daylight on WikiLeaks, pointing that was pressure done on Sweden, to issue arrest warrant [EAW] for Julian Assanage, from US secretive governments or agencies or some other more obscure entities.


If they [I mean US], officially request extradition from Sweden, this will be the end of their control, end of media as we know it, end of non-transparent governments and  end of their cover-ups.


This fairytale becomes better and better with every new moment. Just imagine all the positive and loving energies that are flowing around him and WikiLeaks Federation [sorry: Organization]. When you start seeing the energies flowing around people and situations, you will be tremendously happy that this WikiLeaks fairytale going in this direction.


As this beautiful being [I refer to Julian] has said himself: "We should always look at censorship as an economic signal that reveals the potential power of speech in that jurisdiction. The attacks against us by US point to a GREAT HOPE, speech powerful enough to break the fiscal blockade."


This situation is quite similar with J.F. Kenedy in 1960's when he demanded from his own government to become fully transparent with no more lies and cover-ups about UFO's and new technologies provided from our Friends from Space. With quite a different twist for Julian, as he has full Planet of awakened beings behind him, who had enough of this deception that is going on for centuries.


You can feel that Julian is not here to fight back, not at least in the way that Dark side of US and World Governments are expecting him to. Or at least that most of the people till now would react when major power such as US, put a ban of free speech or free being, but not Julian. He keeps his compulsion and genuine posture, with no judgment in his statements.


He is here to fight only with calm compulsion, truth, transparency and faith that he is part of Human History, and that Real and True "History will Win. The World will be better place." One of Julian's quotes.


Think about this twice or more times. Every and each of your thoughts of kindness bring US closer to Julian's and his Comp-Federation's goals to:

  • Make information transparent for everyone, not only for selected few, depending on their secret clearance level;
  • give humanity a hope there is Love in the air to stay;
  • return the faith in governing bodies around the globe, not only within US;
  • Let them all, all of these creatures in these WikiLeaks cables, from diplomats, politicians, industrialists, financialists enjoy their last moments of "fame and glory";
  • make clean and new energies distributed to all the Humanity from dark Goverments, as they have them for couple of decades;


How easy is for CNN to have web attacks on WikiLeaks justifiable, but when Anonymous Hacktivists Organization [Hackers Activism] start closing MasterCard, Visa, Amazon, PayPal, Swiss Bank, Sweden Legal Governmental websites, THIS is called web-warfare or web-terrorism?


If you interested to help Julian  and Wikileaks to continue their Global Change of Information distribution, you only have to send him Love, Light and Support by kind and encouraging thoughts. Nothing more and nothing less.


YOU simply live in this present moment and be joyous for what Julian and his Family of Colleagues has started in 2007, and do not dwell on the immediate future, as the future is happening right know. And You are part of IT. 


With Love, AnaShyNa