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God said:

When love arises in your heart, you are giving love. There is no trick to it. When you feel love in your heart, the love is conveyed. You do not need a special action to convey the love. You may wish to underline the love you feel with some kind of giving.  Follow your heart. When you have the impulse to give, then give. It is also true that it is the feeling that counts.
Imitation of love is not love. It may be the best you can do in a particular moment. I do not knock it, even an effort at love. At the same time, effort is not love. Effort to love may well be the intention to love, when you want to give and not use it to gain. At these times, from intention, love will seem more apparent to you, and so your awareness of love grows. 
Now, realize, when love wells up in your heart of itself, not contrived but naturally, you are not imitating My heart. You are My heart. You are not imitating Me. At these times, you and I are actually literally divinely One. That’s how it is.

Think of what it would be like to have love rising in your heart at every moment! Then you will know how it is for Me. Every bit of Eternity is love filling My heart, filling My eyes, filling the Earth and all dimensions of Creation. When I say it is My pleasure to love, you can believe Me. It is joy, and only joy. You are joy and delight to My heart. You are the way you see yourselves as individuals, and you are also truly how I see you equated with Myself. There are no exceptions.
I am love and love alone, and I see love and know love, and only love. If you were not befuddled in the world, you would know and only know of what I speak. The Truth of Me is also the Truth of you if you but knew, if you could but recognize, if you but could. The thing is that you can. What prevents you is debris, shards of debris that clutter your heart, clutter your heart with misperception.
It makes no sense not to love, so when you do find yourself not loving, it has to be nonsense. Certainly, it makes no sense at all. Lift up your eyes, and you uplift your heart. I like that phrase. I’m going to repeat it. Lift up your eyes, and your heart is uplifted. This is My point. See Reality which Love is, and you will be the Reality of Love and Love Alone and nothing else but love so help me, God.
I help you every which way, yet it is you who has to come to love. I already gave it to you in full measure. You may think you are depleted of love. You are not depleted of love. You have riff-raff blocking the love in your heart. There is no lack of love in your heart, only you are a stranger to it. Your heart got cluttered and hidden from view. Your heart became an adding machine, and you subtracted from your vibrant heart. You had a misunderstanding. You went awry. You did your judgment trick and fooled yourself. That’s what you’ve done. You went down an alley and believed you were the alley. This is a back alley, yet it is not a dead-end street. From unawareness can come awareness. Where else can Awareness come from but unawareness?
And this may well be the situation you are in. You can stand up now. You can pick up all your marbles, detach from the presumed past, burst forth from shackles that are no more than an idea in your head, a screwy idea that you were less than love and withheld from yourself the fact that you are Love Entire.