Love Is Like the Scent of a Hyacinth Announcing Spring

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God said:

Beloved, from one heart to another, love is on the wing. Silently bidden, love is passed on, as if stirring in the breeze. Love is called for, and love is exchanged, newly burst as it may be – love stirring, love happening, love recurring as if new, newly distributed from Heaven, as if love were something new when love has always been as newly bidden as the Sun each day.

Something wanted, something warranted, as if love were new when love has been always. Beautiful love is dispersed and appears and reappears like dew on the bud, like love bursting into song, as if love dawns from the High Heavens, which it does. Love extending itself all day long again and again, a chorus of love from Heaven borne as lightly as air, from a Source known and yet a surprise, a daily gift from on High. Surely this is daily sunshine spilling over in the world, meant for all, meant to be the bounty of Earth as it is in Heaven.

Love is the Town Crier. A ship sets sail, and the cry is: “All aboard.”

What a wonderful sunrise love is as it catches up to you and emanates from where you seem to know not, yet love is and love is never not. Love is the real estate of the world, and love is here and now. Love puts a spring in your step.

Love is like the scent from a hyacinth announcing spring, filling the heart, the scent of love permeating the world. Holy, holy is love as it enters your heart and refills the Universe that your heart is and occupies and commandeers as if love were ever unknown, when, Beloved, love is all that is known. Love is anticipated, and love is ever new and no surprise.

Love is the stairway to Heaven. There is no climbing. There is only Being, and Being you are, all the love in the world. You are not new to love, for you are permeated with love, love in each breath, love in each petal, love thrown to the hearts of all in a heartbeat.

Made of love, love you are. One heart beats and encompasses the world. Love answers every heart. Love is not captured. Love arrives and scatters itself. Love is ever new as love answers its own call. Love is always in season, in valley and mountain top, and love is the top of the morning to you.

Love recurs, and love is remembered. Love shines like love. There is no absence of Sunshine, and there is no absence of love, only presence of love, the overflowing of love, love spilling everywhere and love opening its bright eyes everywhere. What else is there to speak of but love as it beats in the chambers of your heart and in every cell of your Being that is and in every dandelion puff that is carried in the air to replenish itself? Joy to the world is love. There is no other joy to compare. Life and love are this love planted in the Garden of Eden and which you replenish by your very Being. Love is not enacted, Beloved. Love is, and you are a bearer of love as love dances in your heart for all the world to breathe in and breathe out as a balm to the world, as Manna from Heaven, free to all and to My delight.

To think that love is and that love alone is, that there is naught but love – what wonderment. You are My carrier of love, and there is no beginning or ending to love. This is how I made the world full of love with you, love seeded with My love gloriously intact within you. Love, Our Holiness.

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