~Love Sweeps Separative Consciousness Away~

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Animal love 9

Some animals seem to be showing the effects of universal love. We’re next!

One thing this vision … or call it what you will. Vision is a generic term … has shown me is how unitive consciousness is to be released. It’s released by love. An ever-expanding love that sweeps the sense of separation away.

Unitive consciousness lies within us and is overburdened, corraled and imprisoned by our sense of separation.

And the rise of love, as I’m sure will happen in what is being billed as “the Event,” will sweep all our sense of separation away.

Canaries in the mineshaft probably experience it first but the experience awaits us all. I don’t know when but I do know what it feels like.

What Archangel Michael said about not allowing form to claim and contain it is also true. What that means for the shape of things to come is totally unknown to me. But so much will have to change.

For a time, I feel almost a need to keep myself closeted away because I’m in danger of looking like a fool in this “creative chaos,” as one friend called it. Or I’m in danger of offending because I cannot keep my attention focused, so much universal love do I feel.

Freedom does not come with prosperity. Freedom comes with love. Is that not what Archangel Michael said?

And love must be free. There is no containing love. Love cannot be refused another but it also cannot be restricted to another. Love begets love. Love seeks out love.

And when love bursts its bonds, and overflows the countryside, there will be chaos. And from that chaos will come transformation, the shift, Ascension.

There’s no need to push the river. There’s only a need to open ourselves to the river of love inside us. That love will sweep separative consciousness away and leave us in unitive consciousness.