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The Fire of Love: A Bush That Burned and Was Not Consumed

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Well, maybe not quite…. but you get the idea.

I’ve been asked to comment on the tsunami of love that’s predicted to occur at some near but unknown point in the future.  

The Divine Mother has spoken about it on An Hour with an Angel and others have spoken of it as “the Event.” She said:

“The event as you are referring to it is the wave of love that is sweeping the planet. You have only begun with my gift of clarity to have a tiny baptism. Think of it as a drop on the forehead. Well, get ready for the tsunami.” (1)

The concern of the reader who asked me to comment was that, when people experience transformative love, versus, say, romantic love, they may not know what’s happening.

Steve Beckow ~ Love, Trust and Forgiveness: The New Pattern for Nova[New] Earth

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Love, Forgiveness, Trust 2

For many years, my own research lay in the area of finding patterns in things and I’m finding that the Mother’s continuing baptism of clarity makes many patterns easier to see.

One pattern I see relative to the uncovering of unitive consciousness and the building of Nova Earth is that it seems essential that we embody three divine qualities, each one relative to the past, present or future.

The Divine Mother mentions the three divine qualities here: “Long ago, we have told you that the keys to heaven are trust and forgiveness, the doorway is Love.” (1)

Forgiveness is the divine quality related to completing the past; love is the divine quality related to relating to each other in the present; and trust is the divine quality related to managing our future.

Forgiveness relates to the past

In the old paradigm of fault and blame, when someone didn’t do what we wanted, we followed a plan to control them that Werner Erhard called “resist, resent, revenge.” We’d demean and punish those who didn’t work to our benefit.

~Love Sweeps Separative Consciousness Away~

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Animal love 9

Some animals seem to be showing the effects of universal love. We’re next!

One thing this vision … or call it what you will. Vision is a generic term … has shown me is how unitive consciousness is to be released. It’s released by love. An ever-expanding love that sweeps the sense of separation away.

Unitive consciousness lies within us and is overburdened, corraled and imprisoned by our sense of separation.

And the rise of love, as I’m sure will happen in what is being billed as “the Event,” will sweep all our sense of separation away.

Canaries in the mineshaft probably experience it first but the experience awaits us all. I don’t know when but I do know what it feels like.

~Steve Beckow~ The Bursting Open of a Millennia of Secrets

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Thanks to Steve Beckow!

Toward a transparent world

We’re emerging from a world of deceit and manipulation, where groups of people came together to dominate the world and reduce the population to peons or slaves.  But the combined forces of  the Company of Heaven and their Earth allies have defeated the plans of this Illuminati cabal and taken their power from them.

The Pleiadian Council of Nine through Wes Annac warned us that a millennia of secrets would soon break open. Whistleblowers like Edward Snowden and others who come forth daily show that things have indeed broken open.

“We ask you all to brace yourselves for the bursting open of a millennia of secrets. The revelations will indeed be pouring in one after another, and we are confident in stating that those of you who have already prepared yourselves and learned so much about the very subjects humanity is to be taught in the time ahead, will be able to both calm and inform those around you who may initially wish to panic or retreat back into the paradigm they feel comfortable within.

Steve Beckow: Mid-2013 Update on Disclosure

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 by Steve Beckow


GoogleYesterday (July 8, 2013) being World Disclosure Day, perhaps we can look at what the galactics have said in the last two months about the progress of Disclosure.

Stephen Cook posted Google’s interactive video of an engaging little star being on World Disclosure Day. I can reproduce the static image but not the video itself. It must be a sign of change that Google would post such a video.

If you saw it, you’d have noticed the continuing tendency to associate extraterrestrials with variations on the little Grey body type. It still hasn’t sunk into the collective consciousness that most extraterrestrials around the planet at the present time are our ancestors and look almost exactly like us.

Looking back over the last two months, Mira of the Pleiades told us on June 11 that fear was still the reason the galactics hold back. “Events are progressing,” he said, “until it is the right time for our full contact with you. We want this to occur in love, joy and truth, far away from fear.” (1)

These comments come against a backdrop of “alien invasion” movies concentrating on themes like predation, abduction, mutilation, etc.

Steve Beckow: What Factors Make Ascension Challenging? ~Part 1

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Written by Steve Beckow

Crwods 22Most articles on Ascension talk about what Ascension will bring – a return to “full consciousness,” world peace, global prosperity and a pristine environment.

But in this series of articles, I’d like to look at some of the challenges that facilitating our Ascension involves that are lesser known to us or that we may overlook – its scale, its innovativeness, the need to take into account our freewill, etc.

I think the first challenge we may overlook is that the scale of Earth’s Ascension, as Mark Kimmel’s Adrial says, is “vast.” In  2009 numbers, it potentially involved “the transformation of Earth and her six billion humans.” (1)  Jesus calls it a “massive task [to bring] all of your brothers and sisters home to their natural state of living consciously in peace, harmony, and abundance.” (2)

And SaLuSa also reminds us that “it is, was and still is a massive undertaking to shift a whole population onto a new path.” (3)

The State of the Mass Media ~Part 2/2

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Four Horsemen

(Continued from Part 1.)

Jesus through John Smallman warns us not to accept the picture of catastrophe being sold us through all our news channels. The upheaval that’s occurring is for the removal of the cabal.

“Do not allow yourselves to be persuaded by the mainstream news channels that the world, as you have come to know it during this brief human lifetime that you are presently undergoing, is headed for disaster – political, sociological, religious, economic, or ecological – because although all those areas are indeed experiencing upheavals, they are disturbances that are leading you forwards out of the chaos and conflicts which have bedeviled humanity for far too long. (1)

The State of the Mass Media ~ Part 1/2

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mass_media_war 666

We’re in a time of transition when more and more are awakening to what the cabal has been doing. I personally have not the heart to report on some of the worst of their activities. not even to list them here, because of the revulsion that would cause.

I will however list some in a separate page and you can choose to go there if you wish. But I would not advise anyone to go there who wishes to focus exclusively on Ascension. (1)

But I think we can expect to see more and more whistleblowers come forward and I have no idea personally whether they’ll be protected or not.
Sometimes the Company of Heaven allows certain events to occur for the very reason of stirring us to action. Matthew Ward cited the signing of the Monsanto Protection Act as one example of this:

Protecting Whistleblowers: It’s Up to Us

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Bradley Manning

Whether we’re aware of it or not, the whistleblowers of the world like Bradley Manning, Edward Snowden, Julian Assange, Daniel Ellsberg and Sibel Edmonds are the frontline of our attempts to bring truth to the world and stop the cabal in their tracks.

Back in 1975 it was revealed that the CIA had a poison dart that could cause a heart attack. The dart itself melted away and left no residual evidence for a coroner to detect. (See video below.)


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