Love Yourself By Earth Ally Will Harader

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Yes, love yourself. Stop looking for acceptance from outside. This hasn't worked for the thousands of years people have been on this planet, isn't currently working and wont work in the future. Love can't be found outside of yourself because what appears to be external is only an illusion. Love lies deep within, are you willing to look inside yourself? Most people aren't, looking inside offends the ego. Self-awareness and the ego are not compatible. In awareness we realize we are neither the body nor the ego/mind.

Our search for love from other people is what spoils most relationships. We look to our partner for happiness and when they fall we fall with them. This isn't love, but co-dependency. In a truly loving relationship when one person falls the other is there to pick them back up. Both partners are pillars of strength, together yet separate, helping each other along this path we all walk.

And now to address narcissism. Most of us have been told that loving yourself is this evil thing called narcissism. This couldn't be farther from the truth. Narcissists are obsessed with their body and/or ego. They think their body/ego is better than others and need confirmation from other people. When they don't get it they usually become very obnoxious. So narcissism is not really love yourself, it's still looking for external confirmation. If you truly love yourself you don't need confirmation from other people. You're free from the trap of co-dependency.

When you truly love yourself you'll discover what love truly is and you'll be able to truly love another.
Use Your Own Intuition

Everyone is psychic. Everyone. It's just that most people don't know that they are psychic.. All that mental chattering between the mind and the ego obscures the true feelings inside. The ego says, "I need this, this and this to be happy" and the mind gets to work analyzing, interpreting and planning to get what the ego thinks it needs. While this is going on the True Self, the Witness behind everything, watches, content in simply being. This is the natural state of being. Simply being present and aware of what's going on right now, not dwelling in the past, not worrying about the future. You simply intend what is now happening and trust in Spirit to bring you everything you may need. This state of being is where being psychic comes from. Being in touch with all you are feeling. Not what you are having, not what you are doing, but what you are being. In touch with the feelings inside while realizing what you may think is outside of you is only a reflection of what is within.

What does this have to do with intuition? These feelings are the Truth of your Being. They are the knowing that goes beyond the limits of thought into the realm of being present in the moment. Right here, right now. So instead of using judgment, a function of the ego/mind, to make decisions, go with your heart. It can't lie to you, it doesn't know how.

Let's practice this now, write out your response to this post, don't think about it, let the words flow from the heart. When you're finished, pause, get grounded, centered, balanced, the look at what you wrote. Pay attention to what you are feeling about the post. Does it reflect the Truth of your Being or is it just a reaction?

Love and Fear

I've come to understand that fear and love are the basic experiences of life. God is everything. Everything is Love and Love is who We are. Fear (false evidence appearing real) is the idea that there's something we are not, the idea of separation from God.

Our greatest fear is separation from God forever, this idea is called Hell. To think that a God of Love would create Hell is in my opinion, completely fucking nuts, bonkers, wacko. Hell is just an idea in the mind. To think that a God of Love forces us to suffer doesn't quite add up. Our cultural mythologies look a bit different from the outside looking in.




Becoming Spirit

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When you love and accept yourself, you become empowered. Those around you, or your ego, can no longer control you; leaving you free to become your true being. Thank you Will!

Thank You!

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Beautifully said, thank you Will..Love is the answer and always will be. heart

Remembering is the key!!  Wake up and the magic is flowing everywhere present.

YummY isn't it! LOL smiley

Love, Light & Laughter, Michelle