The Magic This Little Virus Can Do For A Community

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It was about 5 pm. I was walking back my friends' dogs. I heard clapping. Strange, clapping now? Here, in these odd times riddled with fear and uncertainties?

Then I saw a house with children and an adult playing classical music. It was soothing the overhanging fears. The neighborhood gathered but kept its distance. positive emotions were pouring. I was moved to tears. How amazing Americans are in times of crisis. How united they are when not listening to divisive politics or religions.

This 8th-grade orchestra teacher had his children play classical music for us, on their porch. It was surreal. It was a reminder that no matter what, that unquenchable human spirit is indomitable.

As long as we focus on those moments and let the best of our nature come out, what nefarious agenda can trap us?